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Obscure Scottish Folk Groups

I'm fascinated by the lesser known and forgotten groups of the Scottish Folk Scene and try to collect records and information when I can, although this is somewhat scarce at times. If anyone can fill in any details of the following groups I'd love to hear any and all information. Email me at gatherer@argonet.co.uk

  • Andy Mackenzie & John MacPhail    Origin: Slamannan near Falkirk     Date extant: late 1970s?

  • Beggar's Mantle    Origin: Fife     Date extant: Unknown (1970s?)

  • The Bonnie Scots    Origin: Glasgow area     Date extant: 1969

  • The Cotters    Origin: Edinburgh     Date extant: Unknown (early 1960s)

  • The Cumberland Three    Origin: Glasgow     Date extant: 1963-5

  • Drifterfolk    Origin: Unknown     Date extant: 1976

  • Drinker's Drouth    Origin: Unknown     Date extant: 1974-86

  • Finn MacCuil    Origin: Unknown     Date extant: 1978

  • Iolair    Origin: Aberdeenshire/Easter Ross     Date extant: 1980

  • Kontraband    Origin: Scotland/Denmark     Date extant: 1974-1983

  • The Livingstones    Origin: Blantyre     Date extant: 1965-68

  • Norfolk    Origin: Edinburgh     Date extant: 1979

  • Sprangeen    Origin: Edinburgh     Date extant: 1982-84