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This group of seven Edinburgh-based musicians was formed in 1982 for a special festival (Women Live in Scotland), and stayed together for another two years, when they recorded their only record for Springthyme. I think sprangeen is a type of seaweed, but I'm not entirely sure!

The two clarsach players, Mary MacMaster and Patsy Seddon, went on to form a duo - - and also teemd up with two others to form The Poozies. Fiddler Rosa Michaelson later formed The Loose Moose Ceilidh Band. Any other information would be gratefully received (email me).



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Sprangeen: Sprangeen (Springthyme SPR 1013, 1984)

Side One: Sally Hunter (Nath Gow)/Off She Goes/Lads of Dunse; Miss Sine Flemington (Alan Bruford)/The Ale Is Dear; In Dispraise of Whisky/The Favourite Dram; Alasdair MacColla; O'Carolan's Draught (Turlough O'Carolan); Gypsey's Warning/Flora MacDonald/Sweet Molly
Side Two: Miss Shepherd (Skinner)/Jenny Nettles/Mrs Macleod of Raasay; Braes of Strathblane/Sgian Dubh/Hills of Glenorchy; Lovely Molly; Braigh Loch Iall/Miss Lyall/Loch Leven Castle; Ciamar a Ni Mi An Dannsa Direach/Paddy's Leather Breeches/Atholl Highlanders

All tracks traditional except where indicated

Kathleen King (double bass, fiddle); Marta McGlynn (concertina); Mary MacMaster (clarsach, whistle, temple bells, vocals); Rosa Michaelson (fiddle, triangle, duck-call); Val Peek (fiddle); Patsy Seddon (clarsach, fiddle, vocals); Ann Ward (concertina, flute)

Freedom Come All Ye (Wilkie House Records WHR001, 1985)
with Mirk, Iain Mackintosh, Hamish Henderson, Margaret Bennet, The McAlmans, Davy Steel, and Dougie MacLean

Side One: Side Two:

This LP was the Scottish folk scene's effort to aid suffering in Ethiopia

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The Loose Moose Ceilidh Band (Lomoco Records, CD001, 1992)

Bessie MacKinnon (MacKinnon)/The Theif of Lochaber/Minnie Hynd (MacLean)/Donnie MacGregor (McPherson); Breton Medley/Ronan Sicar's Jig (Sicar); Caledonian Laddie; McHugh's/King's Favourite/Hadden's Gift; The Poppy Leaf/Alexander's Hornpipe/The Golden Eagle; Star Dust (McNally)/Timewarp (McNally); John McColl's March to Kilbowie Cottage (Lawrie)/Jessie Henderson (Pitkeathly); My Tocher's the Jewel/Why Can't We Get Along? (Charnes); Slanty Gart; Chez Seychelles; Angus Sutherland (Williamson)/John Rechnagel's Fancy (MacDonald)/Maggie's Pancakes (Morrison); The Staple Project (McNally)/Martha's Vineyard (McNally)/The Pisa Project (McNally)/

All tracks traditional except where indicated

Colin Allison (acoustic, electric and bass guitars); Jim Leighton (accordion, synthesisers); Dave McNally (Smallpipes, Highland pipes, whistles, wind synthesiser); Rosa Michaelson (fiddle, triangle); Angus Wares (mandolins, acoustic guitar, tiple)