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Traditional Music

The Islanders

Scottish folk group
I don't know a lot about this group. Jim and Nacy Craig seem to have been the main members, starting the group in about 1964 with a very young Iain MacKintosh. By 1968 Iain had left, and subsequently Alex Hutton was an active member. Any more information about the group would be gratefully received: email me. Some of The Islanders' recorded output is detailed below.


The Islanders (Waverley ZLP 2048, 1965)

Side One: The Hour That the Ship Comes In (Dylan); Polly Wolly Doodle; Four Strong Winds (Ian Tyson); The Pawn Song (Iain MacKintosh); Mary Don't You Weep; Spanish Is a Loving Tongue; John Henry
Side Two: The Dark Island (trad/W Gordon Smith); Red Yo-Yo (McGinn); No Irish Need Apply; Golden River (Jimmy Driftwood); Jolly Roving Tars; Banks O' Sicily (trad/Hamish Henderson)

all songs traditional unless otherwise indicated

Iain MacKintosh, Jim Craig, Nancy Craig, John Noble with Ian Brown (bass)

The Islanders (RCA Victor RD7950, 1968)

Side One: I Ain't Marchin' Any More (Ochs); Early in the Morning (Lightfoot); Last Class Seaman (Guthrie); Hush Little Babe; No More Words (Craig); The Gallowa' Hills (trad); John Reilly (trad); Steel Rail Blues (Lightfoot)
Side Two: Going to the Zoo (Paxton); Gypsy Boy (Donovan Leitch); Pride of Man (Lightfoot); Yes, Yes, Yes (trad); Wild Flying Dove (Paxton); Twa Recruitin' Sergeants (trad); Freedom Come-All-Ye (Henderson); That's My Song (G & B Tomsco)

Jim Craig (vocals), Nancy Craig (tambourine, vocals), Eddie ?_____? (guitar), Pete (bass)

Patterns of Folk

Patterns of Folk (Waverley SZLP 2124, 1971)

Side One: If I Had a Hammer (Hays/pete Seeger); Before I Met You (Seitz/Lewis/Rader); Jeely-Piece Song (Adam McNaughton); Song for a Winter's Night (E Lightfoot); I Can't Help But Wonder (Where I'm Bound) (Tom Paxton); I Never Will Marry (Ed McCurdy); Wild Rover (trad)
Side Two: The Orange and the Green (James McLean); Children of the Mist (Moir/Craig); Farewell to Fuinary (N Mclean); Rivers of Texas (Carlyle); Song of the City (J Craig); The Sergeants (trad); Freedom Come-All-Ye (Henderson); Strangest Dream (Ed McCurdy); Wild Colonial Boy (trad)

Jim Craig, Nancy Craig, Ed Pollard, Noel Eadie