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  Beggar's Mantle

  The Bonnie Scots

  The Cotters

  Cumberland Three


  Drinker's Drouth

  Finn mac Cuil



  The Livingstones





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Traditional Music


I know almost nothing about this trio. Any information would be gratefully received (email me).



Drifterfolk: Reflections (Lismore Recordings LILP 5012, 197?)

(No details known at this time.)

Drifterfolk: All Kinds of Folk (Lismore Recordings LILP 5054, 1976)

Side One: Coat of Many Colours (Paxton); Rambling Boy (Paxton); Evermore the Biplane (Cooper); Ballad of Glencoe (McLean); Gallawa' Hills (trad); The Land I Love So Well (Makem)
Side Two: Cotton Fields (Ledbetter); Jinkin' Geordie (Robertson); Bringing In the Sheaves (trad); Highland Queen (Pomeroy/Meek); Goodbye Again (Denver); Fiddlers Green (trad)