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Silly Wizard

Scottish Folk Group
Some of Silly Wizard's recordings are detailed below:


silw1.jpg - 7Kb

Silly Wizard (Transatlantic XTRA 1158, 1976)

Side One: Pibroch; Jenny Gray's Whiskey; Wind That Shakes the Barley/The Ale Is Dear; Carlisle Wall; My Loves In Germany; Election Jig
Side Two: The Heron Election Ballad No.4; Atholl Braes/The Drunken Piper; The Shearing; The Fairy Dance; Land O' the Leal

Johnny Cunningham (fiddle, viola, mandolin), Gordon Jones (vocals, guitar, bouzouki, autoharp, bodhran), Bob Thomas (guitar, mandolin, dulcimer, concertina), Andy Stewart (vocals, tenor banjo, mandolin), Alistair Donaldson (bass, flute, organ), Freeland Barbour (accordion, bouzouki, whistle, keyboards)

caled.jpg - 6Kb

Caledonia's Hardy Sons (Highway Records SHY 7004, 1978)

Side One: Mo Chuachag Laghach (my Kindly Sweetheart); The Isla Waters (Stewart/Hadden); The Twa Brithers; The Auld Pipe Reel/The Brolum; Glasgow Peggy
Side Two: Monymusk Lads; The Ferryland Sealer; Fhear A Bhata (The Boatman); Jack Cunningham's Farewell to Benbecula (Phil Cunningham)/Sweet Molly; Broom O' the Cowdenknowes

Phil Cunningham (accordion, whistle, synthesizer, harmonium, vocals), Andy Stewart (vocals, tenor banjo, mandolin, mandola), Bob Thomas (guitar), Johnny Cunningham (fiddle, viola, bouzouki, vocals), Gordon Jones (guitar, bodhran, vocals, mandola, bouzouki), Martin Hadden (bass, harmonium)

somany.jpg - 6Kb

So Many Partings (Highway Records SHY 7010, 1979)

Side One: A Scarce O' Tatties (Norman Mclean)/Lyndhurst; The Valley of Strathmore (Andy Stewart); Bridget O' Malley; A A Cameron's Strathspey/Mrs Martha Knowles (Phil Cunningham)/The Pitnacree Ferryman; The New Shillin'
Side Two: Donald McGillavry/O'Neill's Cavalry March; The Highland Clearances (Andy Stewart); Miss Catherin Brosnan (Phil Cunningham); Wi' My Dog and Gun; Miss Shepherd (Skinner)/Sweeney's Buttermily;McGlinchey's Reels

Andy Stewart (vocals, tenor banjo), Phil Cunningham (accordion, tin whistles, Overton low D whistle, Moog synthesizer, electric piano, vocals), Martin Hadden (bass, harmonium, guitar), Gordon Jones (guitar, mandola, bodhran), John Cunningham (fiddles, vocals)

Wild and Beautiful (1981)

Side One: If I Was a Blackbird; Pipe Major Donald Campbell (J Wilson)/The Orphan/The Kestrel (Phil Cunningham)/Come Up Alang; The Pearl (Phil Cunningham); The Fisherman's Song (Andy M Stewart)/Lament fr the Fisherman's Wife (Hadden/Cunningham)
Side Two: Hame, Hame, Hame/Tha Mi Sgith; Tha Mi Sgith/Eck Stewart's March (A Stewart/P Cunningham)/MacKenzie's Fancy; Miss Patricia Meagher (Andy Stewart)/Laura Lynn Cunningham (Phil Cunningham); A B Corsie (The Lad from Orkney) (Cunningham)/Ril Bheara/Richard Dwyer's

P Cunningham, M Hadden, A Stewart, G Jones

Best Of Silly Wizard  (Shanachie, 1985)

Valley Of Strathmore; Donald McGillavry/O'Neill's Cavalry March; A.A. Cameron's Strathspey/Mrs. Martha Knowles/The Pitnacree Ferryman/The New Shillin'; The Fishermen's Song; Queen Of Argyll; Finlay M. MacRae; The Pearl; Isla Waters; Mo Chuachag Laghach (My Kindly Sweetheart); Broom O' The Cowdenknowes; Green Fields Of Glentown/The Galtee Reel/Bobby Casey's Number Two/Wing Commander

Johnny Cunningham (fiddle, viola, vocals) Phil Cunningham (accordion, guitar, harmonium, keyboards, mandola, piano, Synthesizer, Vocals, Whistle), Martin Hadden (bass, fretless bass, guitar, harmonium, piano, synthesizer, vocals) Gordon Jones (bodhran, guitar, mandola, vocals), Andy M. Stewart (mandolin, tenor banjo, vocals, whistle), Bob Thomas (Guitar)