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Welcome to Nigel Gatherer's Traditional Music Pages. The intention is to provide a resource for lovers of all kinds of traditional and folk music. I hope you find it useful - let me know (email me). Click on the harp icon of any page to return to this index.

Nigel Gatherer

Kerr's Collections

The 19th century tune collections of James Kerr: tune histories, alternative titles, background stories.

The Scottish Mandolin

Tutorials and resources for many aspects of the mandolin.

Music from Ireland

An index of tunes from Bulmer and Sharpley's collections of Irish session tunes, first published in the 1970s. Extensive notes giving alternative titles, tune histories, and alternative settings.

Ceol Rince na hEireann

An index of tunes from Breandán Breathnach's remarkable collections of Irish music, including extensive notes giving alternative titles, tune histories, and details about the musicians.

Nigel Gatherer's ABC Collection

Over 300 tunes in ABC format. Mainly Scottish, but also Irish, American and various tunes from around the world.

Scottish Music - Artists

Biographies and discographies of some prominent Scots music performers, from enigmatic fiddler James Scott Skinner to more modern folk singers such as Hamish Imlach and Watt Nicol.

Cole's 1000 Fiddle Tunes

An index of some of the tunes in this popular fiddle collection, originally published in the 1880s as Ryan's Mammoth Collection.

Scottish 78rpm Records

A listing of my small collection of Scottish records from 1908 to the 1950s.

The Scottish Whistle

Tutorials and resources for many aspects of the tin whistle.