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Kontraband were a Scots/Danish folk group who had formed in 1974. The only Scot, Rod Sinclair, was from St Andrews, but lived in Denmark. Rod Sinclair has continued in the Danish music scene, being a regular visitor to the annual Tonder folk festival, and has released several solo recordings (as well as publishing a selection of Leonard Cohen songs). Kontraband made a reunion appearance at the 1999 Toder festival.



kont.jpg - 5Kb

Kontraband: North Star (Springthyme 1011, 1983)

Side One: Swallow's Nest/Dirty Linen/Drowsy Maggie; Hills of Caithness (Matt Armour); Micky Ainsworth (Ronnie Cooper)/North Satr; Dundee Homeward Bound (Rod Sinclair); Magdalen Green; Pittenweem Jo (John Watt)/Fisher's Hornpipe/Arran Rigs (J Nørgaard)
Side Two: Tae the Beggin; I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow (A P Carter); The Brown Eyed Maiden/Father O' Flynn/The Black Pirate; Farewell to Ireland/Muirsheen Durkin/Billy Cheatham; Rowin Foula Doon (Robertson/Manson)

All songs traditional except where indicated

Rod Sinclair (5-string banjo, guitar, vocals); Børge Solkær (bass, guitar, alto recorder, mandolin, vocal); Jole Nørgaard (cittern, mandolin, guitar, bodhran, vocal); Filt Kristensen (fiddle, mandolin, cittern, tambourine, Moog, vocal)

break.jpg - 6Kb

Rod Sinclair: Breaks & Bonds (CMCD 071)

cock.jpg - 2871 bytes

Rod Sinclair: When the Cock Crows (Cassette only 8414-mc)