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Traditional Music

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Alex Campbell

1925 - 1987, Scottish folksinger
Some of Alex Campbell's are detailed below, and there are more on the next page. With thanks to Susanne Kalweit and Jim McLean.


The Best Loved Songs of Bonnie Scotland (Society SOC 936, 1963)

Side One: The Nut Brown Maiden; Wi' a Hundred Pipers; The Skye Boat Song; The Bluebells of Scotland; Ye Banks and Braes; Johnny Cope; Come O'er the Stream, Charlie; Will Ye No Come Back Again
Side Two: The Dundee Weaver; Twa Heids Are Better Than Yin; The Piper O' Dundee; The Land O' the Leal; Gin I Were Where the Gadie Runs; The Wark O' the Weavers; Leezie Lindsay; The Wee Cooper O' Fife

all songs traditional

An Alex Campbell Folk Session (Society SOC 960, 1964)

Side One: Johnny Lad; The Gentleman Soldier; The Bonny Ship the Diamond; The Gresford Disaster; Tae the Beggin' I Will Go; Engine 143; Turra Merket
Side Two: Captain Kidd; Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go; Willie More; The Calton Weaver; Tramps and Hawkin' Lads; I Wished I Was a Rock; Drinkin's Ower Risky (new words by Alex Campbell)

all songs traditional unless otherwise indicated

Alex Campbell (vocal, guitar, banjo) with Hennessy, Tony McCarthy, Ian McCann, Johnny Orange

west.jpg - 6Kb

Way Out West E.P. (Society, 1964)

With Gerry Cochrane and David Laibman

Side A: The Wabash Canonball; The Streets of Laredo
Side B: The Old Chisholm Trail; Jesse James

Favourite Songs of Bonnie Scotland (Presto PRE 676, 1965)

Side One: The Piper O' Dundee; Bluebells of Scotland; Marie Hamilton; Ye Banks and Braes; Rothesay-O; Lezzie Lindsay
Side Two: Highland Laddie; Will Ye No Come Back Again; Gin I Were Where the Gadie Runs; My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose; The Round Tree; Wi' a Hundred Pipers

Alex Campbell and his Folk Group with Peter Maynard (bass) and Ian McCann (guitar, banko and mandoline)

Alex Campbell, Colin Wilkie and Shirley Hart Sing Folk (Presto PRE 648, 1965)

Side One: The Bonnie Ship the Diamond; The Blarney Stone; Johnny Lad; The Buffalo Skinners; Drinkin's Ower Risky; Tae the Beggin' I Will Go
Side Two: The Gallows Tree; Pleasant and Delightful; The Carlton Weaver; Johnny Harg; The Gentleman Soldier

Alex Campbell, Colin Wilkie, Shirley Hart with John Pearse, Ian McCann, Peter Maynard, hennessy, Tony McCarthy and Johnnie Orange

Alex Campbell in Copenhagen (Storyville (Denmark), 1965)

Includes Been on the Road.

Alex Campbell and Friends (Saga EROS 8021, 1967)

Side One: Down In the Mine (Dark As a Dungeon) (Travis); Midnight Special; Corn, Bread, Peas and Black Molasses; Freight Train; The False Bride; Don't Think Twice (Dylan); Chilly Winds; Blue Sleeves
Side Two: Dick Derby; You Never Wanted Me (Frank); Been On the Road So Long (Campbell); Dinks Song; This Train; Tell Old Bill; Freedom

with Sandy Denny, The Johnny Silvo Folk Group (Johnny Silvo, David Moses, Roger Evans), Cliff Aungier and Paul McNeill


Alex Campbell 'Live' (Saga EROS 8028, 1968)

Side One: Introductions including Et Maintenant; Wild Rover; Victoria Dines Alone; The Nightingale; The Durham Lockout; New York Gals
Side Two: Pack Up Your Sorrows; All For Me Grog; Hold On To Me Babe; The Blackbird; The Heavenly Shore; The Coal-Owner & the Pitman's Wife; Pleasant and delightful

with David Moses (bass) and Roger Evans (guitar)

The Scottish Breakaway (Hallmark HM.573, 1968)

Side One: Scottish Breakaway; Instr: Scotland the Brave; Wee Magic Stane (McEvoy); Jute Mill Song; Jeannie MacPherson; Blantryre Explosion
Side Two: Jolly Beggarman; Freedom Come All Ye (title erroneously given as Weary Life); Maid to the Mill; Weel May the Keel Row; MacPherson's Rant (Campbell); Rob Roy Macgregor

All songs 'Copyright Control' except where indicated


Alex Campbell Sampler (Transatlantic TRA SAM 6, 1969)

Side One: Been on the Road So Long (Campbell); I'm A Rover; The Overgate; Round Cape Horn; Plane Wreck at Los Gatos (Guthrie); My Old Gibson Guitar (Campbell)
Side Two: Love Is Teasing; Glesca Peggy; John Gordon; Kissing in the Dark; My Singing Bird; Why O Why (Guthrie); Don't You Put Me Down (Campbell)

all songs 'Trad. arr Campbell' unless otherwise indicated

This possibly has Martin Carthy playing on it, but uncredited.

Alex Campbell (Xtra, 1969)

A selection of songs from other albums.


Scottish Folk Scene (2 LP, Metronome Records DALP 2/1955, no year)
with Eddie Furey, Ian Campbell Folk Group, Archie Fisher, Hamish Imlach, The Johnstons, Luke Kelly, Watt Nicoll

Side One: I'm a Rover (trad arr Campbell)
Side Two: Mormond Braes (trad arr Campbell)
Side Four: Love Is Teasin' (trad arr Campbell)


Alex Campbell At His Best (Boulevard 4073, 1972)

Side One: The Girl In Tenessee; Highland Laddie; Rail Roading & Rambling; Rothesay O; Marie Hamilton; Advertised In Boston
Side Two: Daddy Fox; Skye Boat Song; Bluebells of Scotland; The Whale Fishers Farewell; Railroad Bill; John Hardy

More Alex Campbell recordings...