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Traditional Music

Hamish Imlach

(1940-1996) Scottish entertainer
Some of Hamish's recordings are detailed below.
With thanks to Susanne Kalweit and Andreas Martens.


Hamish Imlach (XTRA 1039, 1966)

Side One: Johnny O'Breadislee; Men Of Knoydart; The Zoological Gardens; Street Songs; Cod Liver Oil and Orange Juice; The Gaudie
Side Two: If It Wasn't For the Unions; The Cumbie Boys; Erin Go Bragh; The Soldier's Prayer; Black Is the Colour; Foggy Dew

Hamish Imlach (vocals, guitar)

Hamish Imlach, Live (XTRA 1050, 1967)

Side One: I Was a Gay Spark In My Time (Wattie Wright); Whisky You're the Devil (trad arr Imlach); Early Morning Blues (Blind Blake); The Ballad of Timothy Evans (Ewan MacColl); It's Better In the Dark (Gordon McCullough)
Side Two: Campbell (Pink Anderson); Castlereagh (Banjo Patterson); The Wind Blew the Bonnie Lassie's Plaidie Awa' (trad arr Imlach); Paddy Lay Back (trad)

Hamish Imlach (vocals, guitar)

Before and After (XTRA 1059, 1967)

Side One: Tall Tale (Watt Nicoll); Let Ramensky Go (Roddy McMillan); Coppers' Song (trad); The Klan (trad); McPherson's Farewell (Davie Stewart); Candy Man (John Hirt)
Side Two: The 37 Bus (M Toner); I Am A Miller (Lucy Stewart); The Castle of Drumboe (Hugh MacDonald); The Dundee Cat I(Watt Nicoll); Sporting Life (Brownie McGhee)

with Oscar St Cyr (mandola, Concertina); Bobby Campbell (fiddle)

Ballads of Booze (XTRA 1094, 1967)

Side One: Beer Is Best (Murphy, Ross. Trad); The Mountain Dew; Little Maggie; Scottish Sabbath (Jim McLean); Maids When You're Young; As Usual (Murphy, Zanetis); Good Bye Booze
Side Two: Drunk, Drunk Again (anon., Ross); Twelve and a Tanner a Bottle (Fyffe); Whisky Seller; The Moonshiner; The Calton Weaver; The Poor Beasts (anon, new words Imlach)

all songs traditional, arranged Imlach unless otherwise indicated

with Tom Harvey, John MacKinnon, Iain MacKintosh, Daryl Runswick, Mike Whellans

The Two Sides of Hamish Imlach (XTRA 1069, 1968)

Side One: Jean Harlow (Died the Other Day); Clapped Out Motorcar; I Got Fooled; Bourgeois Blues; The Horny Bull; The Happiest Day;
Side Two: The McGreggors; Anthony Riley; History of Football; The Priest and the Minister; Clive's Song

with Clive Palmer (banjo, kazoo); Archie Fisher (banjo, concertina); Ray Warleigh (flute); John MacKinnon (fiddle); Martin Frey (tuba)

The Hamish Imlach Sampler 1 (Transatlantic TRASAM 9, 1969)

Old Rarity (XTRA 1121, 1969)

5,227,706 Scotsmen Can't Be Wrong! (TRA SAM 22, 1971)
(with Watt Nicoll and Matt McGinn)

Side One: The Soldier's Prayer (trad adapted Stan Kelly);
Side Two: The Horny Bull (Nicoll)

Fine Old English Tory Times

Fine Old English Tory Times (XTRA 1128, 1972)

Side One: Forty Pence Butter (trad); One Day Old (Hughes/Fisher); Base Details (Sassoon); If You Want to See the General (trad); Downtrodden Landlord (Woolf/Clayton); Automation (Fascination) (A Sherman)
Side Two: Twelve Pence Ain't A Shilling (Tom Glazer); Pie in the Sky (trad); Whisky (Silverstein); Dialogue (trad); Five Eyes (Silverstein); Fine Old English Tory Times (trad)

Hamish Imlach (vocals, guitar)
with Allan Barty (fiddle, mandolin, electric guitar); Iain Mackintosh (whistle, banjo, acoustic guitar); Mike Whellans (harmonica, percussion); Tom McGrath (piano); Archie Fisher (bass guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals)

Murdered Ballads (Transatlantic XTRA 1131, 1973)

Side One: Cornflakes Sugar Teardrops (Shel Silverstein, Alan Ribback); Bluebird (Shel Silverstein, Mike Settle); Baldheaded Woman (Shel Silverstein); People Upstairs (Ogden Nash, Billy Connolly); Coulters Candy (trad); Daddy What If? (Shel Silverstein); Tableau at Twilight (Ogden Nash, Hamish Imlach); Jenny Jenkins (trad)
Side Two: The Whale (Shel Silverstein); The Mermaid (Shel Silverstein, Jim Friedman); The Rabbit (trad); Travelling Rhythm (trad, Geordie McIntyre); Murdered Ballad (Alex Sweeney, trad); The Lion (Ogden Nash, Shel Silverstein); The Night Squad (Barrie Roberts); That Terrible Terrible Night (Shel Silverstein)

with Tam Harvey, Iain MacKintosh, Mick Moloney, Daryl Runswick, Mike Whellans

All Round Entertainer 2 (Transatlantic TRASAM 31, 1973)

Folkclub Souvenir (Autogram ALP 204 (EP), 1975)

Scottish Sabbath (Autogram ALLP 209, 1976)

Side One: Scottish Sabbath (Jim McLean); Downtrodden Landlord (T Wolfe); Kelty Clippie (John Watt); Better in the Dark (Gordon McCulloch); The Gaudie (John Imlah); The Kerry Recruit (trad/Imlach); Whisky and Women (Shel Silverstein)
Side Two: Men of Knoydart (Hamish Henderson); The General (trad); Pretty Little Horses (trad/Imlach); If It Wasn't for the Unions (Matt McGinn); The Oyster Girl (trad/Imlach); The Band Played Waltzing Mathilda (Eric Bogle); Goodbye Booze (trad/Imlach)

with Iain MacKintosh

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