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Traditional Music

The Fisher Family

Archie Fisher, Ray Fisher, Cilla Fisher
Some of The Fishers' recordings are detailed below and on the next page.
With thanks to Susanne Kalweit


Ray & Archie Fisher: Far Over the Forth (Topic Records TOP 67, 1961)

Side One: The Night Visiting Song; Far Over the Forth
Side Two: The Twa Corbies (trad/Berwick); Kilbogie

All songs traditional except where indicated

Ray Fisher: The Iron Muse (Topic Records TOP 12T 86, 1963)
with A L Lloyd, Bob Davenport, Anne Briggs, Louis Killen, Matt McGinn, The Celebrated Working Man's Band

Side Two: The Spinner's Wedding (Mary Brooksbank); The Dundee Lassie (Mary Brooksbank)

with Colin Ross (fiddle)

The Fisher Family (Topic Records TOP 12T137, 1966)

Come All Ye Fisher Lassies; Schooldays Over; Rigs O' Rye; Donalogue; For Our Lang Biding Here; Joy of My Heart; Hey Ca' Through; What's Poor Mary Weeping For?; Bonnie Lass O' Ballochmyle; I Am a Miller Tae Ma Trade; Birkin Tree; I am a Freeborn Man; Aince Upon a Time

Archie, Ray, Cilla, Joyce, Audrey and Cindy Fisher

Archie Fisher: Archie Fisher (Celtic Music CM007, 1982)
(re-issued from a 1968 original on Leader Records [?])

Side One: Open the Door Softly; Reynardine; The Terror Time; The Three Gypsies; The Kilder Hunt; The Trooper and the Maid
Side Two: The Child On the Road; The beggar Wench; Bogie's Bonnie Bell; Matt Highland; Farewell She; The Snows

Archie Fisher (vocals, guitar, dulcimer, concertina, sitar), John MacKinnon (violin, mandolin), John Doonan (piccolo, whistle)

Archie Fisher: The Fate O' Charlie (Trailer LER 3002, 1969)
with Barbara Dickson & John MacKinnon

Side One: Cam Ye O'er Frae France; The Three Healths; Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie; The White Cockade; My Bonnie Hieland Laddie; The Highland Widow's Lament; prestonpans; The Battle of Prestonpans; Killiecrankie
Side Two: O'er the Water to Charlie; Prince Charlie; Highland Harry; The Fate o' Charlie; The Highlander's Lament; O'er the Water; The Flowers o' the Forest

[1] = sung by Barbara Dickson

Archie Fisher (vocals, guitar, concertina, dulcimer, mandolin), Barbara Dickson (vocals, guitar, bodhran), John MacKinnon (vocals, violin, mandolin)

Archie Fisher: Thro' the Recent Years (Decca SKL 5041, 1971)
with Barbara Dickson

Side One: The January Man (Goulder); You Like the Sun (Lothian) [1]; Morning (Fisher); Tears of Rage (Dylan/Manuel) [1]; Friends and Lovers (Fisher); Somebody Counts On Me (Rab Noakes) [1]
Side Two: If I'd Stayed Around(Rab Noakes); Lullaby for Father (Fisher) [1]; I Am the Great Sun (Causley/Fisher) [1]; First of the Few (Fisher); Fiddler's Green (Connolly); Together Forever (Rab Noakes) [1]; Through the Recent Years (Fisher)

[1] = sung by Barbara Dickson

Archie Fisher (vocals, guitar), Barbara Dickson (vocals), Des Haldane (backing vocals, guitar), Rab Noakes (backing vocals, guitar), Ronnie Reay (bass), Billy Kemp (drums), Roger Coulam (organ), Jack Ellory (flute), Alex Sutherland (trombone, piano)

Ray Fisher: The Bonny Birdie (Trailer Records LER 2038, 1972)

Side One: Johnny Sangster; Mill O' Tifty's Annie; Botty At Morn; The Forfar Sodger
Side Two: The pride of Glencoe; The Silkie of Sul Skerry; The Bonny Birdie

Ray Fisher, Colin Ross, Alistair Anderson, Liz & Stefan Sobell, Tim Hart, Peter Knight, Ashley Hutchings, Bobby Campbell, Martin Carthy

Archie Fisher: The Man With a Rhyme (Folk-Legacy Records FSS-61, 1976)

Side One: Twa Bonnie Maidens; Welcome Royal Charlie; Dark Eyed Molly (Fisher); Queen Among the Heather; Jock Stewart; The Witch of the West-mer-lands (Fisher); The Echo Mocks the Corncrake
Side Two: Western Island (Fisher); Upstairs, Downstairs; Mount and Go; The Wounded Whale; The Cruel Brother; Coshieville (MacGregor); South Wind

Archie Fisher (vocals, guitar), Wendy Grossman (concertina, banjo, dulcimer), Kathy Westra (cello), Lani Herrmann (fiddle), Annie Mayo Muir (flute)

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