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Matt McGinn

(1928-1977) Scottish songwriter/singer
Some of Matt's recordings are detailed below.
With thanks to Susanne Kalweit.


The Iron Muse (Topic Records TOP 12T 86, 1963)
with A L Lloyd, Bob Davenport, Anne Briggs, Louis Killen, Ray Fisher, The Celebrated Working Man's

Side One: The Donibristle Moss Moran Disaster
Side Two: The Swan-Necked Valve; The Foreman O'Rourke (McGinn)

To-Night at the Attic (Action FMC 926, c. 1966 - precise info wanted!)
with Danny Kyle, Josh MacRae, and Davy Spiers

Side One: Three Nights and a Sunday (McGinn); I'm Looking for a Job (McGinn)
Side Two: Coorie Doon (Miner's Lullaby) (McGinn); If It Wisnae for the Union (McGinn)

Matt McGinn (Transatlantic XTRA 1045, 1966) (Re-released as TRA SAM 41)

Side One: The Red Yo Yo; Willie Macnamara; Old Johnny Bull; Big Sammy; The Footba' Referee; Ban the Beatles
Side Two: The Heilan' Man; The First Man On the Moon; Manura Manyar; Gallowgate Calypso; Lots of Little Soldiers; Unner Alow the Ground

all songs by Matt McGinn
Note: one of the backing musicians on this LP is Robin Williamson, later of The Incredible String Band, who played mandolin and sang backing vocals.

Honesty Is Out Of the Fashion (Transatlantic XTRA 1071, 1968)

Side One: Honesty Is Out Of the Fashion; The Pekinese Dog; The Sash/Kevin Barry; The Dundee Ghost; The Ballad of the Q4; Biddie McGrath; The Leaving of Liverpool (trad arr McGinn)
Side Two: Ros In the Bow (trad adapted McGinn); Two Foot Tall; The Sequel to The Dundee Weaver (trad adapted McGinn); No Nay Never; The Big Orange Whale; The Pill; Coorie Doon

all songs by Matt McGinn unless where otherwise indicated

Matt McGinn (vocals) with Pete Stanley, Brian Golbey, Alan (Spud) Taylor

Tinny Can On My Tail (RCA International INTS 1368, 1972)

Side One: Tinny Can On My Tail; The Gay Liberation; I've Packed Up My Bags; Skull and Crossbones; Lady Chat (Jim McLean); Wi' Jimmy Reid and Airlie
Side Two: Troubled Waters In My Soul; Yes, Yes, U.C.S.; In a Neat Little Town; Rich Man's Paradise; Get Up, Get Out; The Ibrox Disaster

all songs by Matt McGinn except where otherwise indicated

Screwtops Are Falling On My Head (PYE PKL 5527, 1975)

Side One: Intro by Matt McGinn Junior; Granda; The Cradle of Civilisation (including Cider Wi' Yer Maw, Ma Darlin' Is a Charlie and My Dearest My Darling (Davidson)); My Wee Auntie Sarah; Crofter Story; Suzie
Side Two: Screwtops (including Leaving In a Police Van (Davidson) & Amazing Grace (trad arr McGinn)); Gaelic Joke; Heiderum Hauderum; Maggie Might; Glaswegians Would (McGinn Jr); Two Wee Germs; Somebody's Wean; The Schmitt Family; Nelly May (J Herd)

all songs by Matt McGinn unless otherwise indicated

Matt McGinn (vocals) with Jim Dorans, Billy Davidson, Alex Hutton, Shug O'Rourke, Alex Osborne. Recorded live at The Bonny Prince Charlie, East Kilbride, February 1975

Take Me Back to the Jungle (RCA International INTS 1240)

No further information known at this time

5,227,706 Scotsmen Can't Be Wrong! (TRA SAM 22, 1971)
(with Hamish Imlach and Watt Nicoll)

Side One: Skinny Malinky Long Legs (McGinn); Two Foot Tall (McGinn)
Side Two: Biddie McGrath (McGinn); The Cleansing Man (McGinn); The Footba' Referee(McGinn)

Other recordings:

Matt McGinn Again (Transatlantic XTRA 1057)
Little Ticks of Time (Transatlantic XTRA 1078)
Matt McGinn Sampler (Transatlantic TRA SAM 8)
The Two Heided Man (Emerald Gem GES 1079)
The Two Heided Man Strikes Again (Emerald Gem GES 1120)