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Accidents of 80 years ago

April 1921 May 1921 June 1921 July 1921 August 1921 September 1921
October 1921 November 1921 December 1921 January 1922 February 1922 March 1922

Accidents of 70 years ago

April 1931 May 1931 June 1931 July 1931 August 1931 September 1931
October 1931 November 1931 December 1931 January 1932 February 1932 March 1932

Civil accidents of 60 years ago

April 1941 May 1941 June 1941 July 1941 August 1941 September 1941
October 1941 November 1941 December 1941 January 1942 February 1942 March 1942

Some earlier accident lists

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Here are some of my favourite links...


Air-Britain, The International Association of Aviation Historians
Aerofiles, an American historical site, includes some register information
Landings, a massive source of material
Michele's Virtual Hanger
Current Canadian Civil Register information
Current Dutch Civil Aircraft Register
Current Australian Civil Aircraft Register
New Zealand CAA site, including Civil Aircraft Register
Many complete historical Registers
A useful source of Miles Aircraft information
Flight-path, a comprehensive source of links and other information

Aircraft Accidents:

British accident reports
Various agencies reports

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