November 1931 reported accidents

This accident list is the result of many years work, noting accidents reported in various sources. The accidents may be anything from a forced-landing to a total write off. I make no claims as to the accuracy of any item, but these notes may help if you wish to follow up any report. Any additions or corrections to this list would be welcome. You can email me at (or just click on this link)

A "?" in any column indicates that there is a definite doubt in my mind

Military serials are given in the Registration column where known, otherwise the nationality is followed by "-mil". A serial with no prefix indicates a RAF aircraft

The Type is as reported

The Location may be some distance from the accident site, particularly in more remote parts of the world. The country is assumed to be that of the registration, unless otherwise shown. Country names are those that existed at the time, e.g., Karachi would be in India, not Pakistan. Some place names are shortened, indicated by "/" to save space. All storm damage is generally described as "gale"

The Notes column gives alternate dates where sources differ, occasionally Squadron numbers, company, aircraft or pilot's names if I feel that this may be useful

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Date Registration Type Place Notes
Nov 1931 D-1212 Kl 1c Swalbe unknown
1 Nov BGA glider Portsdown, Hants
1 Nov D- Fokker Triplane Osnabruck
1 Nov Nxx 2 aircraft Stanhope, NJ collision
1 Nov Nxx Snoqualamie, WA
1 Nov Nxx Seattle, WA query date
1 Nov VH-ULQ DH 60 Delungra, NSW
2 Nov LV- Farman Mendoza City
2 Nov OE- glider Deutschaltenburg
2 Nov XB- (mil?) Mexico City query date
3 Nov G-CAWC Eaglerock Conestogo, Ont
3 Nov USAAC Kelly Field, TX
3 Nov USN K-1 blimp Cape May, NJ
3 Nov USN San Diego, CA
3 Nov USN San Diego, CA
3 Nov USN near Oceanside, CA
4 Nov CF-AGZ DH 60 Walkerville, Ont
4 Nov NR496M Lockheed Vega Floyd Bennett, NY query date
4 Nov VH-UKM Galway York, WA
4 Nov USN ? South Manchester
4 Nov OK-mil Prague
5 Nov G-ABGE Vildebeest Putney road accident
5 Nov NC12221 Lockheed Orion 9 Camden, NJ
5 Nov PP- (mil?) Angamarca, Equador
5 Nov J9707 Avro 504N Leuchars
5 Nov J-army Tsuka-Mura query date
6 Nov Nxx East Waco, TX
6 Nov Nxx Herrick Niles, MI
6 Nov FAA Fairey IIIF HMS Courageous
6 Nov Latvian mil 2 aircraft Libau collision
6 Nov USN Martin Washington, DC
7 Nov Nxx Washington, DC
7 Nov F-mil V.6 airship Pont l'Abbe d'A'l query date
8 Nov G-AAVU DH 60 Hendon
8 Nov VH-UNV Cutty Sark Melbourne
10 Nov K1248 Avro 504N Leuchars
11 Nov LV- DH 60 Buenos Aires query date, owner Shell
11 Nov J9309 AW Siskin West Ham, London
12 Nov J-(mil?) Yokahama query date
13 Nov G- Foulness Island pilot Micklethwaite
13 Nov ZS-ACD DH 80 Gordons Bay
13 Nov K1087 Bristol Bulldog Uppington, Berks
14 Nov VH-UFT DH 60 Minia, Egypt became G-ABUB
14 Nov Nxx Richmond, VA
14 Nov Nxx (NC98 ?) Thomas Morse S-6 Rochester, NY
14 Nov K1210 DH 60 Kenley collision, or 24th
14 Nov K1677 Bristol Bulldog Kenley collision, or 24th
15 Nov F- Albi
15 Nov Nxx Clarksburg, WV
16 Nov G-AAEN DH 60 Blandford
16 Nov CF-AIP Consolidated Fleetster Calgary, Alb
16 Nov RCAF 179 DH 80 Peterborough, Ont
16 Nov USN BuA8286 Sikorsky PS-3 Coco Solo, CZ, Panama
17 Nov PH-AFX Pander EF 85 Caribbean
17 Nov RAF Fairey IIIF HMS Glorious
18 Nov J9839 Westland Wapiti Abughar, Iraq
18 Nov USAAC ? 3x Martin dbf Langley Field
18 Nov USN BuA8147 Boeing F4B lost at sea
19 Nov CF- Hodges Lake, NF
19 Nov F- Orly
20 Nov VP-YAB DH 60 Salisbury ex G-EBUO
20 Nov Nxx balloon Dean Lake, Ontaro
20 Nov K1423 Hawker Hart Exeter
21 Nov G-AAPP Desoutter Maitland, South Africa
21 Nov USMC Curtiss Hawk New Bern, NC
22 Nov Nxx (CF- ?) Ganes Creek, AK
23 Nov D-766 Fokker-Grulich F.II unknown
23 Nov NC3286 Boeing 40B Salt Lake City, UT
23 Nov VH-UPG DH 60 Dingo, Q
23 Nov EC-mil ? Marchica, Morocco
24 Nov G-ABFP ? Blackburn Segrave Naples, Italy query date
24 Nov Nxx Salt Lake City, UT
24 Nov K1210 DH 60 Kenley collision
24 Nov K1677 Bristol Bulldog Kenley collision
24 Nov K1615 Bristol Bulldog unknown collision, 32 Sqn
24 Nov RAF ? unknown collision
24 Nov RAF AW Atlas Brancewell, Lincs
25 Nov Nxx (XB-?) Bellanca Sunbury, PA
25 Nov VH-UGO DH 60 Maylands, WA
25 Nov J8646 AW Siskin Upminster, Essex
25 Nov RAF AW Siskin Upwaltham, Sussex 1 Sqn
25 Nov YR-mil Pipera
26 Nov NC10338 ? Boeing 40B-4 Pasco, WA
26 Nov VH-UNA Avro Ten Alor Star, Malaya
26 Nov J-navy Oppama query date
27 Nov NC9647 Ford 5-AT Harrisburg, PA
28 Nov CF- River John, NS
28 Nov NC9123 New Standard D-27 Pittsburgh, PA
28 Nov RAF DH 60 Hill Head, Hants
28 Nov F-mil unknown, Morocco query date
29 Nov VH-UGO DH 60 Picton Junction possibly Novemeber 1933
29 Nov RAF AW Siskin Hawkinge 25 Sqn
30 Nov J9125 Gloster SS.19 Martlesham Heath query date