October 1941 reported civil accidents

This accident list is the result of many years work, noting accidents reported in various sources. The accidents may be anything from a forced-landing to a total write off. It includes some non WWII related military accidents. I make no claims as to the accuracy of any item, but these notes may help if you wish to follow up any report. Any additions or corrections to this list would be welcome. You can email me at vicsmith@argonet.co.uk (or just click on this link)

A "?" in any column indicates that there is a definite doubt in my mind

Where no Registration is known, the nationality prefix is shown. Where a military aircraft is involved, serials are given where known, otherwise the nationality is followed by "-mil". A serial with no prefix indicates a RAF aircraft.

The Type is as reported, remember that many British newspapers described any light aircraft as a "Moth"

The Location may be some distance from the accident site, particularly in more remote parts of the world. The country is assumed to be that of the registration, unless otherwise shown. State or province abbreviations are those normally used. Country names are those that existed at the time, e.g., Karachi would be in India, not Pakistan. Storm damage is generally described as "gale"

The Notes column gives alternate dates where sources differ, occasionally aircraft or pilot's names and British previous identities if I feel that this may be useful

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Date Registration Type Place Notes
Oct 1941 NC2064 Monocoupe Richmond, VA
1 Oct AW168 DH 85 Castle Bromwich ex G-ACRC
1 Oct DG656 Avro 652 Lee-on-Solent ex G-ACRN, collision
1 Oct AL941 Curtiss Chesapeake Lee-on-Solent collision
2 Oct G-AFGR Lockheed 14 unknown query date
2 Oct Z7257 DH 89 Weston Zoyland ex G-AFME
2 Oct W5741 Taylorcraft Plus D Kempton, Herts ex G-AFZI
3 Oct DP240 GAL Owlet Cranfield ex G-AGBK
3 Oct NC15376 Sikorsky S-42A San Juan, PR
3 Oct VH- W1663 Avro Anson Amberley
3 Oct VH- W1664 Avro Anson Amberley
3 Oct ZS- 1487 Bucker Bu 131 unknown
5 Oct USAAF 38-538 Lockheed C-40 Kelly Field, TX
7 Oct NC146M Sikorsky S-38 Biscayne Bay, FL
7 Oct EI- No.76 Miles Magister Baldonnel
7 Oct ZS- 658 Junkers Ju 86 unknown
8 Oct BB673 DH 82 Edinburgh ex G-ADOG
8 Oct BB803 DH 82 Ansty ex G-ADWJ
8 Oct BB809 DH 82 Ansty ex G-ADYB
8 Oct AL763 Douglas Boston III Atlanta, GA
8 Oct USAAF 35-21 Convair PB-2A Trenton, FL
9 Oct R7491 Percival Proctor Buxton later G-AHVD
9 Oct SU-ABQ DH 89 Port Sudan or Port Said
10 Oct BB853 DH 82 Desford ex G-ADPF
10 Oct W5753 DH 87 Nevan ex G-AEKS
10 Oct CP- Sikorsky S-38 Guayaramerin named "Nicolas Suarez"
10 Oct VH-UZS DH 83 Katherine, NT
10 Oct VH- AX261 Avro Anson Nowra query date
10 Oct CS-mil Gloster Gladiator Ribeira Grande
11 Oct R5172 DH 82 unknown 9 EFTS, later G-AOIT
11 Oct USAAF 38-83 Curtiss P-36 lost at sea
11 Oct USAAF 38-108 Curtiss P-36 lost at sea
12 Oct W9104 Lockheed 10A Clifton ex G-AFEB, or 12 December
12 Oct R7490 Percival Proctor Lichfield later G-AHES
13 Oct RP- 33-138 Boeing P-26 Batangas
14 Oct YV-ADE Lockheed Electra unknown
14 Oct VH- W2254 Avro Anson Mallala collision
14 Oct VH- W2257 Avro Anson Mallala collision
14 Oct RCAF 7652 Lockheed Electra dbf Mountain View, Ont
14 Oct USAAF 41-5282 Curtiss P-40 unknown, Philippines
14 Oct USAAF Martin B-10 Clark Field, Philippines
16 Oct W9375 ? Percival Vega Gull unknown (Evanton ?) ex G-AFIT
16 Oct W9373 ? Miles Falcon Six unknown ex G-AEKK
16 Oct RCAF 6590 Avro Anson Stavely, Man
16 Oct USAAF 38-558 Grumman Goose unknown
17 Oct USAAF 35-089 Northrop A-17 unknown
18 Oct G-AENR DH 86 damaged in flight
18 Oct ZK-ADW DH 60 Rotorua
19 Oct USAAF 40-716 North American BC-1A Paso Robles, CA
20 Oct ES954 DH 80 Hanworth ex G-ACIV
20 Oct BB667 Miles Hawk Trainer 3 Woodley ex G-AFXB
21 Oct DP847 BA Eagle White Waltham ex G-ADVT
21 Oct RCAF 6368 Avro Anson Moncton, N.B.
21 Oct CU- No.52 Curtiss CW-19R unknown
21 Oct USN BuA 9620 Douglas DC-2 Pensacola, FL
23 Oct VH-UTB Ford 5-AT Wau, New Guinea ex G-ABHF
23 Oct ZK-ACW Heath Parasol Timaru
23 Oct VH- W2181 Avro Anson Amberley
24 Oct DG471 Douglas DC-2 Drigh Road, India
24 Oct RCAF 6233 Avro Anson unknown, Alberta collision
24 Oct RCAF unknown, Alberta collision
24 Oct USAAF 24174 DH 4 unknown unlikely date
24 Oct USAAF Curtiss P-40 Grays Peak, CA
24 Oct USAAF Curtiss P-40 Bakersfield, CA
24 Oct USAAF 2x Curtiss P-40 Barton's Peak, CA
25 Oct BV986 Piper Cub Coupe ground White Waltham ex G-AFXV, collision
25 Oct W5862 Fairey Swordfish ground White Waltham collision
25 Oct B- P-8125 Curtiss P-40 Kyedaw, Burma
25 Oct LV- 601 Curtiss Hawk 75 Campo de Mayo
26 Oct VH- W2271 Avro Anson Tenindewa
27 Oct W9377 Percival Vega Gull unknown ex G-AFBW
27 Oct VH- R3532 Avro Anson ground Amberley collision
27 Oct VH- R9897 Avro Anson ground Amberley collision
28 Oct D- unknown, Bulgaria Luft Hansa
28 Oct VH- R3528 Avro Anson ground Parafield
28 Oct VH- W2262 Avro Anson Bowgada
29 Oct USAAF Stearman PT-17 Balch Camp, CA
30 Oct X8273 Short G-class water Oban ex G-AFCK, collision
30 Oct W8414 Convair Catalina water Oban collision
30 Oct NC21712 Douglas DC-3 Moorhead, MN
30 Oct NC25663 Douglas DC-3 Sheddin, Ont, Canada
30 Oct SU-ABC DH 60 Almaza
30 Oct VH-UQP DH 83 Bitoi Range, NG