July 1931 reported accidents

This accident list is the result of many years work, noting accidents reported in various sources. The accidents may be anything from a forced-landing to a total write off. I make no claims as to the accuracy of any item, but these notes may help if you wish to follow up any report. Any additions or corrections to this list would be welcome. You can email me at vicsmith@argonet.co.uk (or just click on this link)

A "?" in any column indicates that there is a definite doubt in my mind

Military serials are given in the Registration column where known, otherwise the nationality is followed by "-mil". A serial with no prefix indicates a RAF aircraft

The Type is as reported

The Location may be some distance from the accident site, particularly in more remote parts of the world. The country is assumed to be that of the registration, unless otherwise shown. Country names are those that existed at the time, e.g., Karachi would be in India, not Pakistan. Some place names are shortened, indicated by "/" to save space. All storm damage is generally described as "gale"

The Notes column gives alternate dates where sources differ, occasionally Squadron numbers, company, aircraft or pilot's names if I feel that this may be useful

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Date Registration Type Place Notes
Jul 1931  VH-UNM Junkers W.34 Wau, NG
Jul 1931 J7717 Vickers Virginia unknown 15 Sqn
Jul 1931 J9064 Fairey IIIF Amman, Jordan
Jul 1931 J9125 Gloster SS.19 Orfordness
Jul 1931 J9140 Fairey IIIF ground unknown 47 Sqn
1 Jul CF- Hamilton, Ont
1 Jul Nxx Northrop Alpha Columbus, OH
1 Jul YL- 61 Martinsyde ADC-1 unknown
2 Jul EURASIA II Junkers W.33 unknown, Mongolia shot down
2 Jul J9078 Westland Wapiti Mosul, Iraq
2 Jul K1226 DH 60 Watchet or Weston Zoyland
2 Jul S1303 Fairey IIIF Newhaven, Sussex query date
2 Jul HA-mil Szambathely
2 Jul OO-mil Nivelles
3 Jul F- Breguet 39T Villacoublay
3 Jul F- Merantais
3 Jul N248 Supermarine S.6 Southampton Water
3 Jul F-(mil?) Villacoublay
4 Jul G-AAYF DH 60 Eltham
4 Jul I-AZEB Dornier Wal off Naples
4 Jul Nxx Peru, IN
4 Jul Nxx Atlantic City, NJ
4 Jul Nxx Northrop Alpha Cassoday, KS
4 Jul Rumanian mil Constantza
5 Jul Nxx Lucerne, CA
5 Jul Nxx Peekskill, NY
5 Jul Nxx dbf Danville, NY
6 Jul F- Hirson query date
6 Jul NR855W Bird Model E unknown
6 Jul ZK- DH 60 Warkworth query date
6 Jul S1489 Fairey IIIF Driffield
6 Jul RAF Skerne, Yorks
7 Jul G-EBOC Bristol Trainer Filton collision
7 Jul G-AAWJ Bristol Trainer Filton collision
7 Jul Nxx Wheeling, WV
7 Jul Nxx glider Leroy, NY
7 Jul OY- Desoutter Fano
7 Jul VH-UIC DH 60 Mascot, NSW
7 Jul J8927 Vickers Victoria Deversoir, Egypt
7 Jul J9220 AW Siskin Sealand
7 Jul I-mil Chamonix, France query date
8 Jul G-ABFI Civilian Coupe Iver
8 Jul J- Osaka query date
8 Jul Nxx Columbus, OH query date
8 Jul Nxx Yorkville, OH
8 Jul Nxx Bridgeport, NY
8 Jul VH- DH 60 Sydney, NSW
8 Jul J8936 AW Siskin Tangmere
8 Jul J9086 Westland Wapiti River Tigris
9 Jul G- Ham, Richmond Park pilot Stewart Dick
9 Jul Nxx Dayton, OH
9 Jul Nxx 3 aircraft Middlesboro
9 Jul J-navy Japan query date
9 Jul J-navy coll Ise Bay query date
10 Jul G-AATT Fairey IIIF Gweri, Uganda
10 Jul NR7429 Lockheed Vega Solomon, AK
10 Jul VP-U Gwerin
11 Jul CF-AFK Waco 10 unknown
11 Jul ZK-ACD DH 60 unknown
12 Jul G-ABDR DH 60 Castle Bromwich
12 Jul G- Baslow, Derbys Dennis de Ferrand, J.T. Graves
12 Jul CF- Lloydminster, Sas
12 Jul I- Mediterranean
12 Jul NC10A Goodyear airship Kansas City, MO
12 Jul NC8497 Lockheed Vega Chicago, IL
12 Jul Nxx (Heath ?) Niles, MI
12 Jul Nxx Jonesboro, AR
12 Jul Nxx Tampico, Mexico
12 Jul USSR (mil?) Alabino 13th also reported
13 Jul G-EBQE DH 60 Bastia, Corsica query date
13 Jul EC- Granada
13 Jul F- Dewoitine D.33 Shebertzy, USSR query date
13 Jul J7739 Handley Page Hyderabad ground Manston collision
13 Jul J8805 Handley Page Hyderabad ground Manston collision
13 Jul J9570 Bristol Bulldog ground Biggin Hill
13 Jul K1788 Avro Tutor Ashwell, Leics
14 Jul ZK-AKK DH 60 Manila, Philippines ex G-AAKK
14 Jul VH-UGF Lasco Lascowl Temora, NSW
14 Jul J7551 AW Siskin Sealand
14 Jul J9190 AW Siskin ground Spittlegate collision
14 Jul J9777 Hawker Tomtit ground Spittlegate collision
15 Jul F- Grenoble
15 Jul RCAF 159 DH 60 Borden
16 Jul G-EBWL DH 60 Hanworth owner Phillips & Powis
16 Jul VP-K Entebbe
16 Jul Nxx ? Biske, Hungary named "Justice for Hungary"
16 Jul J-navy Saeki Bay query date
16 Jul J-army Yokahoma query date
16 Jul J-army Fukuoka
16 Jul J-mil Kokura
16 Jul USAAC San Antonio collision
16 Jul USAAC San Antonio collision
17 Jul I- "27" Fiat AS.1 Capo Santa Lessio
17 Jul I- "31" Fiat AS.1 Cado di Chino
17 Jul Nxx Newport, RI
17 Jul Nxx Omaha, NB
17 Jul VH-UKM DH 60 Leonora, WA
18 Jul G-EBYK DH 60 Wokingham
18 Jul CF-AOJ Great Lakes w/o unknown
18 Jul Nxx Stearman C3MB Fredricksburg, TX
19 Jul Nxx Parsons, KS
19 Jul J-navy Kamikojima Island
20 Jul G-CAIR Driggs Dart unknown
20 Jul Nxx Bayside, Queens
20 Jul J8787 AW Atlas Farnborough
20 Jul J9873 AW Siskin ground Sutton Bridge collision
20 Jul J9910 AW Siskin ground Sutton Bridge collision
20 Jul S1396 Fairey IIIF Kenley
20 Jul RAF St Andrews
20 Jul USAAC coll Newington, CT
21 Jul CF-AAC DH 60 unknown
21 Jul NC8397 Lockheed Vega Chicago, IL
21 Jul Nxx Glen Head, LI
21 Jul Nxx Weddell Williams ? New Orleans, LA query date
21 Jul J9626 Westland Wapiti Hinaidi, Iraq
21 Jul J9854 Westland Wapiti Aleppo, Iraq
21 Jul S1485 Fairey IIIF unknown
21 Jul USAAC Middletown, PA
21 Jul USAAC Barksdale Field LA
22 Jul J7987 Hawker Horsley Weston Zoyland
22 Jul J8884 AW Siskin Spittlegate
22 Jul J9927 DH 60 Sealand
22 Jul S1117 Blackburn Dart Browndean Ranges
22 Jul LV-mil No.37 Bristol Buenos Aires
22 Jul BuA7761 Boeing F3B San Diego, CA
23 Jul Nxx Buffalo, NY
23 Jul RCAF 104 DH 60 Sea Island, BC
23 Jul OY-mil Jutland
24 Jul F- Kurudjevo, Bul'a
24 Jul Nxx Cass Lake, MN
24 Jul J7178 AW Siskin ground unknown
24 Jul J9170 Fairey IIIF unknown 207 Sqn
24 Jul F-mil coll Chateauroux
24 Jul F- Caudebec query date, Schneider seaplane
24 Jul SP-(mil?) Warsaw
25 Jul SP-mil 3 aircraft Deblin
26 Jul G- glider unknown, Wiltshire query date
26 Jul J-army Himekomatsu
27 Jul NC933Y Northrop Alpha Winslow, AR or Arizona
27 Jul Nxx Valley Stream, NY
27 Jul S1402 Fairey IIIF ground unknown Lee-on-Solent ?
27 Jul USAAC ? Boston, MA
27 Jul OH- (mil?) Finland
28 Jul NC262 Fokker C.II unknown
28 Jul K1379 Westland Wapiti Tangmere 29th also reported
29 Jul NM-10 Sikorsky Nipe Bay, Cuba
29 Jul I- Rome
29 Jul NC9664 Ford 5-AT David, Panama
29 Jul J9635 AW Siskin unknown Cenral Flying School
29 Jul S1294 Fairey Flycatcher unknown HMS Glorious
29 Jul FAA Fairey Flycatcher ground Hal Far, Malta collision
29 Jul FAA Fairey IIIF ground Hal Far, Malta collision
30 Jul G- ? Mayfield, Sussex,
30 Jul Nxx Florrisant, MO
30 Jul F- Bernard Etang de Berre 30 August also reported
30 Jul J8849 AW Siskin ground unknown 41 Sqn
30 Jul J9224 AW Siskin Long Buckby
31 Jul G-AAZV DH 80 Tiajin, Siberia
31 Jul EI-AAF DH 60 Bundoran, Donegal ex G-ABAH, or 31 June, July 1932
31 Jul G- Colwyn Bay pilot F.R. Walker