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Genetic Engineering of our Food

genetically engineered food is unnecessary, untested and unwanted

* * * The biggest experiment in human history has begun, with us as the guinea pigs and the planets ecological system as the test site. The genetech industry wants it all kept quiet, as they push products onto the market with unprecedented speed to create a 'fait accompli' from which we can never return. Consumer opinion has been ignored and consumers have been treated with contempt, as if they were irrelevant. There will be no open discussion about it, they are arrogantly determined to push this technology on us whether we want it or not.
Why? Because they see $billions in short term profits. What else?
We want independent research whose starting point is the problems to be solved,
NOT a technology to sell.

The Technology

* * * The industry prefers the term 'biotechnology' to 'genetic engineering', because it sounds friendly and technically sophisticated and of course leaves out the word genetic! The reality is that in the rush to cash in on the products, it's grossly under-researched. The scientific basis of genetic engineering is still little understood and relies on lengthy hit-and-miss tests to get results.
* * * Does this technology just speed up the traditional methods of developing new varieties by exchanging genes between similar species? No, this is a whole new ball game, cutting out genes and splicing in new genes from totally unrelated species. Scientists are giving birth to their bizarre creations as I write, transferring genes from fish to tomato, human to pig, scorpion to potato, and just about any other unsavoury combination you can imagine.

Piccy of GE Bean

Monsantos infamous GE soya contains genes from a virus, a soil bacterium and a petunia.............


Health Risks

* * * Already a genetically engineered food supplement, genetically engineered tryptophan, has killed 37 people and disabled 1500 others.
* * * New toxins and allergens in foods. Proof already exists that allergens can be transferred to plants through genetic engineering.
* * * Horizontal gene transfer and recombination, could result in creating new pathogenic bacteria and viruses.
* * * We could waste our defence against disease. The antibiotic resistance gene in genetically engineered maize could be passed to harmful bacteria in the gut of animals fed with it. Ampicillin is one of our most widely used defences against such harmful bacteria. If the resistance gene spreads, Ampicillin could be rendered useless.
* * * Spread of virulence among pathogens across species by horizontal gene transfer and recombination.
* * * BSE demonstrates how little we understand. We assume feed contaminated with animal remains caused it, but organophosphates may be implicated too. There's uncertainty how it's passed on. We don't know how to cure it. We don't even know how to test for it. Now we're creating thousands of transgenic lifeforms, releasing them into the environment, eating them, and we're supposed to believe they can guarantee no disasters. Guesswork and hoping for the best!

'The best ever article on GE' by Dr Mae-Wan Ho
The Unholy Alliance
Feature Article from The Ecologist, July/August 1997


Environmental Risks

* * * We could be looking at the end of the world as we know it.
* * * Before we even have a real understanding of the normal environment, planet-wide GE tests, releases and crop growing will turn it into a confused, mutated mess, and the knowledge will be lost forever. The environment is already under enormous pressure, as we lose 50,000 species each year. We have had enough environmental and economic disasters just moving ordinary lifeforms to other continents. Now we're told that totally new mutated lifeforms with unnatural combinations of genes and unpredictable characteristics present no danger!
* * * New 'super crops' with an inbuilt resistance to disease or pests could have an advantage over natural flora and become 'super weeds'.
* * * There are risks relating to gene transfer from genetically engineered plants to micro-organisms, from micro-organisms to unrelated micro-organisms, from genetically engineered crops to wild weedy relatives.
* * * New plant viruses could develop from genetically engineered crops that are virus resistant.
* * * Major insect pests could evolve bio-pesticide resistance. Bt is a soil bacterium that produces toxins to kill insects and is vital to organic growers. Plants developed to contain a gene for Bt toxin could cause insects to become resistant to it, wasting the world's most important biological pesticide.
* * * Genetically engineered soya has been engineered to be resistant to the chemical glyphosate, which is lethal not just to weeds, but most vegetation and beneficial animals like lacewings, ladybirds(ladybugs), earthworms and beneficial fungi. The US Fish and Wildlife Service has identified 74 endangered plant species which may be made extinct by glyphosate.
* * * The impact of GE crops and 'deliberate releases' of GE material on the planets ecology cannot be foreseen. Smaller genetech companies will inevitably take risks playing catch-up.
* * * There are stories of dangerous releases in Eastern Europe and third world countries where regulations are weak or non-existent.
* * * "Genetic pollution" by self-replicating genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is irreversible.
So why are we allowing this worldwide experiment when we have an obligation to future generations to observe the 'precautionary principle' and safeguard the planets ecology?


Genetically Engineered Foods are,

well, look, you know,

kind of terrific, aren't they?

GM Tony

Leave it out Tony!



If this section was limited to proven benefits, there would be nothing to write. To justify their ambitions to make obscene amounts of money by patenting life and buying up the major seed companies, to seize control of the world's food supply, the biotech companies make several dubious claims:

* Biotechnology is needed to feed the growing population of the world, especially the Third World.
* Reduced chemical inputs, which will be good for the environment.
* Higher yields, benefitting farmers and consumers.

It's all too reminiscent of the the promises made in the fifties, that nuclear energy would make electricity so cheap, it would be unmetered like water. The reality was that it would forever be the most expensive source of power, with radioactive waste in depositories that will be radioactive for 20,000 years!




Women say no
Women say no to GMOs is a new initiative that offers everyone, if they are concerned about genetic engineering, the chance to say NO. Click here and join musician and former Beatle star Paul McCartney and his family by signing up TODAY to the new GMO Campaign; Women say NO to GMOs.


Urgent Action - Demand Five-Year Freeze

Early Day Motion (EDM) 334 calls for a Five-Year Freeze on Genetically-Modified Crops.
It has been sponsored by Norman Baker MP with Joan Ruddock, Alan Simpson, Mathew Taylor, Cynog Dafis and Paul Tyler.
Please Write to your MP(if not on above list), asking him/her to sign the EDM
The wording of the EDM is as follows:
"That this House calls upon the Government to recognise the scientific, human and animal health, environmental, economic and social uncertainties relating to the use of genetic modification in food and farming and the deep concern about the rapid expansion of this industry; and further calls upon the Government to introduce a five-year freeze on the growing of genetically-modified crops for any commercial purpose, the import of genetically-modified foods and farm crops, the patenting of genetic resources for food and farming and the placing of genetically-modified seed varieties on the National Seed List."

UK Five Year Freeze Find out here how to join the UK coalition (over 90 national organisations by July '99) calling for a five year 'freeze' on all releases of GE organisms, all GE food imports, and all patents on food crops


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    Online Petition

    Support the Iceland and Greenpeace campaign for a ban on Genetically Modified Food.
    Online Petition Click here for details of the the petition and email address


    Who approves the safety?

    * * * In the UK, the reputation of the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food(MAFF) lies in ruins. Mistakes with pesticide approval(rarely admitted), BSE of course, cover-ups, collusion with the food industry, indifference to consumers. DDT and many other extremely toxic pesticides were approved for safety and later banned. Fortunately even DDT will degrade in time, but dangerous GMOs will replicate ad infinitum. Are we now being asked to believe that MAFF is suddenly 'all-knowing and infallible' and that we should accept their approval of genetically engineered foods, on the same case by case basis as with pesticides?
    Lindane is one example of a toxic pesticide, which causes multiple chronic illnesses, and is currently sprayed on crops. MAFF considers that safe, then asks us to trust them with safety approval of GM foods!
    MAFF only uses data supplied by the company seeking approval, and it's just too tempting for companies to be selective with the data they provide. Monsanto's tests of their soya were done in just 10 weeks. There is no independent testing. Approval is refused only if it can be clearly shown to be unsafe, rather than the onus being on the company to prove it safe. 'No evidence' is equated with 'no risk'. Add to that the dangers pointed to by independent scientific research, the almost inconceivable complexity of human biology and the ecology, the unpredictable results of genetic meddling and it becomes clear that the idea of regulators being able to pass these GE foods as safe is a myth.
    * * * In the EU, any product designed to be released into the environment has to satisfy conditions set in EU directive 90/220. Once again, when considering a product, the EU doesn't do its own tests, it relies on information from the company.
    * * * In the US, where 'regulatory relief' was granted to the genetic engineering industry, a manufacturer simply has to state that its product is safe. No independent scientific evidence, toxicological studies or long term food studies are needed for approval.
    GM food illegal? The US Food and Drug Administration ignored their own scientists' warnings over GM food.


    Who is against genetic engineering?

    Some 86% of consumers questioned in a poll for Here's Health magazine said
    they would switch to a different supermarket if it banned all such products.

    . * * * People outside industry mainly, consumers, consumer organisations, environmental groups, independent scientists, European farmers, public health organisations. A Mori Poll covering 6 European countries tells us that of those with an opinion, 80% reject genetically engineered food. The genetech industry doesn't want to hear this and research and development accelerates, as they remain determined to force this technology on the unwilling people of Europe. Consumers are looked on as an irritation, to be ignored or to have their opinions corrected with a stiff dose of PR brainwashing if they look like getting out of hand.
    * * * Some members of the public seem prepared to take the risk, after all they say, we take risks every day crossing the road. Agreed, but that's a voluntary risk we take. Contaminating most of our processed food is a risk imposed on us.


    'Amazing' Snippets

    March's 10 (if I can, 10 every month! Any contributions?)

  • In Nebraska, Frit Industries has attached a fertilizer factory to their Nucor steel mill to convert, or 'recycle', the hazardous waste it produces into 'fertilizer'.
  • "When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist." Dom Helder Camera
  • The top 50 US-based public relations companies charged over $1,700,000,000 in fees in 1991.
  • China's notorious Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze river will, when completed early next century, have resulted in the forced resettlement of 1.2 million people.
  • 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights - "Everyone has the right to work, to just and favourable conditions of work and to protection for himself and his family and an existence worthy of human dignity ... everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well being of himself and his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care."
  • 1948 George Kennan, US Cold War planner - "We have 50 per cent of the world's wealth, but only 6.3 per cent of its population. In this situation, our real job in the coming period is to devise a pattern of relationships which permit us to maintain this position of disparity. To do so, we have to dispense with all sentimentality ... we should cease thinking about human rights, the raising of living standards and democratisation."
  • Every year, factories in Britain discharge over 100,000 tonnes of dangerous chemicals into our air and seas and onto our land.
  • The US trade deficit hit $169 billion in 1998.
  • The average pound of food in America travels 1,200 miles before it reaches the kitchen table.
  • Advertisers spent $500,000,000 in 1990 on marketing aimed at children under 12 years old.
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    Corporate Parasites, Corporate Crime

    * * * Most people would criticize the arms industry for fuelling conflicts around the globe, that result in millions of deaths.
    * * * The tobacco industry uses advertising to persuade people smoking is fashionable and at the same time hides the information that it's addictive.
    * * * Less likely candidates for criticism is the diet and cosmetics industry, worth over $50 billion, using advertising/propaganda to play on the insecurity of girls and young women about their appearance and weight. Apart from corporate profits, this worthless and parasitic industry achieves nothing more than 150,000+ deaths each year from eating disorders.
    * * * The agrochemicals industry. Around 20,000 deaths each year from pesticide poisoning, mainly in the third world. Professor David Pimental of Cornell University has estimated costs of $700 million in the USA from pesticide-induced cancer. He estimates total 'external' costs of pesticide use at $8000 million, to which the agrochemical companies make no contribution whatsoever.
    * * * Enter the genetech industry. Anyone hoping against hope that they are responsible and kind people anxious to benefit society? They will reap the profits from this quick-fix technology and the subsequent costs will be dumped on the taxpayer.


    Monsanto - Ethical Company or Evil Giant?

    "We should not have to vouch for the safety of biotech food. Our interest is in selling as much of it as we can"
    - Monsanto's Corporate Communications Director.

    Agent Orange The Poisoning of Vietnam
    * They gave us Agent Orange, the most widely used defoliant in the Vietnam war. It was contaminated with dioxin, which caused up to 500,000 Vietnamese children to be born with dioxin related deformities since the 1960's, and severe health problems to American soldiers exposed to it.

    Monsanto's BST Milk "It poses major potential health risks for the entire US population" - Prof. Sam Epstein
    * Bovine Somatotropin as in BST milk, was Monsantos first genetech creation. Just inject the hormone into the pituitary gland of cows every two weeks for 25% more milk. There are multiple health risks for the cows.
    Health risks for humans drinking the milk include prostate cancer and breast cancer.

    PCBs Can the World's Sea Mammals Survive Them?
    * Monsanto produced or licenced the manufacture of virtually all the PCBs, and is responsible for the release of around 1.2 million tonnes of the deadly chemicals worldwide, chemicals proven to cause cancer and birth defects.

    Aspartame (Nutrasweet) Toxicity Information Centre A Horrifying Catalogue of Chronic Health Risks.
    * Nutrasweet(aspartame) has been identified as "a promising candidate to explain the recent increase in incidence and degree of malignancy of brain tumours" by researchers at Washington University Medical School, St Louis.

    Roundup Monsanto is using genetic engineering to dramatically increase the use of herbicides on crops.
    * Roundup kills beneficial insects such as parasitoid wasps, lacewings, ladybirds(ladybugs), and is toxic to earthworms, soil bacteria and beneficial fungi.

    Terminator Technology Worldwide Biological Warfare on Farmers and Food Security.
    * Since Terminator Technology has absolutely zero agronomic benefit, there is no reason to jeopardize the food security of the poor by gambling with genetic engineering in the field.

    Not exactly amongst the greatest contributions to civilization!

  • Operation Cremate Monsanto India Cheers While Monsanto Burns
  • Monsanto's Criminal Record for Environmental Contamination Greenpeace Report
  • 10 worst corporations You guessed it, Monsanto made the cut!
  • Monsanto is costing me £6000 a year! Letter to Monsanto demanding compensation
  • And let us not forget the other Biotech Giants that are keeping a lower profile:
    NOVARTIS BLACKMAILS IRELAND! - Novartis threatened to withdraw the supply of non-GM sugar beet seed to the Republic of Ireland in the face of resistance to the development of GM varieties, warning that: "Given the  importance of Novartis on the Irish market, this would have serious implications for the Irish sugar beet industry."


    The Future of Genetic Food

    * * * Already we have enormous controversy over the first few GE products, but what we see now is just the smallest tip of a giant iceberg. Already 60% of what's on our supermarket shelves may contain genetically engineered soya. Some 3000 genetically engineered foods are lined up for approval. The volume of 'deliberate releases' around the world, including dangerous unregulated ones, will escalate exponentially. Monsanto says that in 10 years all commodity crops will be genetically engineered. Are we prepared to accept a virtually 100% genetically engineered diet? Have we the right to force such a diet on our children and grandchildren and those yet to be born?
    Will we just tell them, "Errr..........sorry kids, that's all there is to eat now".


    And Now the Hard Bit, Sending Letters!

    "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for enough good people to do nothing" - Edmund Burke

    * * * It doesn't take that many letters do make a difference! Those receiving them know that for every letter they receive, hundreds of others think the same way.
    * * * Don't be put off demanding GE free food because of the complexity of the arguments about genetic engineering. Independent experts say there are risks, so you don't want it.
    * * * No need to write a long fancy letter. Emphatic, but polite. Short, but send lots.
    * * * Also tell the manager of any supermarket you go to.

    • ADDRESSES - Supermarkets - Politicians - Food Processors - Genetech Companies
    • Sample Letters - One to the Prime Minister - One to Monsanto - One to the BBC
    • Telephone Numbers - Politics - Supermarkets - Food Processors - Genetech Companies - etc
    * * * If the commercial interests reply with a 'standard' letter full of pacifying PR propaganda, write back saying you don't accept their arguments, you still insist on GE-free food.

    . The number of Monsanto lawyers that have visited this site!