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Genetic Engineering Network (GEN)
List 1: A UK-based, free service; a moderated list averaging about 5 emails per day. Includes information about all aspects of GE with a close eye on worldwide resistance to the technology.
(Archived as 'info4action' at - - since 1998).
List 2: is a much quieter list which sends out GEN's newsletter as well as action reports. Email: - to subscribe and state which of the two lists you want to be on (all info in list 2 is covered by list 1).

BAN GEF - Free US-run list with useful daily digest.
For instructions send email to: - with HELP in the Subject line.

BIO-IPR In-depth list put out by GRAIN.
Circulates information about recent developments in the field of patenting related to biodiversity, etc.
To join, send the word "subscribe" (no quote marks) as the subject of an email message to:

Center for Food Safety.
To subscribe to the free electronic newsletter, Campaign for Food Safety News (formerly called Food Bytes):
send an email to: - with the simple message in the body of the text: subscribe pure-food-action.

GENET  Moderated list: information exchange among European NGOs and grassroot groups.
(archived at - - since 1998).
Email: - for subscription details (service is not free).

GENTECH  Unmoderated list about all aspects of genetic engineering.
(archived at - - since 1995).
Send a message with the word "subscribe" in the subject to:

Nginews - Free e-mail bulletins from Norfolk Genetic Information Network.
Email: - with the word "subscribe".

NLP Wessex List  Concentrates on crop issues.
Subscribe on website:

Organic Consumers Association.
To subscribe to the free electronic newsletter, Organic View, send an email to: - with "subscribe" written in the body of the text.

PANUPS - Free weekly on-line news service from PANNA.
Subscription information available on website:

Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly.
Weekly news with searchable archive at:
Send the word "Subscribe" by itself (no quote marks) in an email to:

WEN - Local food list - Email:
Biodiversity, local food and sustainable agriculture. UK-based, but also contains international news.

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