From The Food Magazine

Issue 46, July/Sept 1999

Published by The Food Commission

The government has responded to years of campaigning to have the toxic pesticide, lindane, banned, by instituting only a partial ban. In June Food Safety Minister, Jeff Rooker announced that the use of lindane would be banned as a seed treatment because of risks to those treating seed.

As we reported in our last issue (Food Magazine 45) a leaked confidential report from the EU confirms the chemical's harmful effects including damage to the nervous and immune systems, hormone disruption, birth defects and breast cancer.

However, its use as a spray on apples, wheat, maize and other crops, in timber treatment and for domestic pest control will be allowed to continue, despite the chemical being banned in many countries including Denmark, Germany, Netherlands and Sweden.

The Food Commission is calling for a complete ban on lindane. To add your support write to your MP at the House of Commons, London SW1A OAA.

Spot the lindane

Nobody knows how much lindane is being used as a domestic pesticide not even the government. Now UNISON and the Pesticides Trust want to show the government how easy it is for us to get hold of lindane, pollute the environment and risk our health.

They are asking everyone to go into their local garden centre or DIY store and search out ant or insect powder, flea killers or other insect sprays and fumigants as well as wood preservatives on sale to the general public which contain lindane or 'gamma HCH' as it is also known. Don't buy the product but send UNISON details of the product, its size and weight, price and details of where and when it was on sale, by 30 October 1999.

Lindane Campaign, UNISON, 15 Castle Gate, Nottingham NG1 6BY.

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