From: Malcolm.Walker, Iceland
Date: 20 February 1999 12:44

Support the Iceland and Greenpeace campaign for a ban on Genetically Modified Food.

We are increasingly alarmed at the tide of genetically modified ingredients that is working its way into British food.

Quite apart from the clear environmental and unknown health risks associated with unproven technology like this, there is the equally important question of choice. Consumers should have the choice not to consume products and ingredients that they feel uncomfortable with or are worried about. However, the secretive way in which these products are appearing in virtually everything that we eat prevents choice.

Labelling is not the answer since it will merely tell you that most processed foods contain GM ingredients - in other words, you don't have that choice. And lets face it, there is absolutely no consumer advantage in GM foods and ingredients at the moment - they are not cheaper or better than their non-GM cousins.

We demand a ban on the import, growth and use of genetically modified crops, products and ingredients to protect consumer choice, our environment and potentially our health. We want a ban not just a moratorium because one of the most sinister things about genetic modification is that it cannot be contained (as the recent prosecution of Monsanto proved). GM crops can and will cross-pollinate with previously uncontaminated crops despite the best efforts of growers. It is self evident that GM and non-GM products cannot live side by side. Both Greenpeace and Iceland are active in the fight against GM foods. Iceland is the only Supermarket in Britain that has banned genetically modified ingredients from all own label products under its Fighting for Better Food initiative. In short we believe that genetically modified food should be regarded as guilty until categorically proven innocent.

If you have the same feelings about the GM issue and would like to support us, please add your name to the online petition we have set up.

Simply cut-and-paste the following line into an e-mail and send it to:


You can also help us raise support by forwarding this message to as many people as you can.

Please note that we are asking that only British residents or citizens sign. We don't want to give the Biotech firms and their allies a chance to discredit this campaign.

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