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Welcome to Nigel Gatherer's Traditional Music Links. I'm not going to fill this page with links, but add them slowly as I come across outstanding sites. If you have an idea for a good link relevant to Scottish or Traditional music, let me know.

Nigel Gatherer

Highland Music Trust
Traditional Scottish Fiddle Music books (including the essential Athole Collection).

Scottish Music and Videos Community! Lyrics, Music to buy, Scottish Themed Forum. We offer Music, Videos (Documentary, Music, etc.), and other related products for sale. Discover your Celtic side!

The Traditional Scottish & Irish Music Store
Excellent source for Scottish and Irish recordings.

Jim Sutherland
Jim Sutherland, who has played with Mirk and The Easy Club, is one of Scotland's most inventive mandolin, cittern, and bodhran players.

Da Capo Alba
A mandolin and guitar orchestra based in south Lanarshire, Da Capo Alba play everything from classical to jazz to traditional Irish and Scottish