Tunes in Cole's 1000 Fiddle Tunes

These are my annotations for some of the tunes found in Cole's 1000 Fiddle Tunes, first published in the 1880s as Ryan's Mammoth Collection. I've pretty much used my memory for the references, but I'll be going back over them at some point double-checking and adding any newer information.

NG: Nigel Gatherer
CM/PW: Caoimhin Mac Aoidh and Paul Wells
PdG: Paul de Grae
BB: Breandan Breathnach

Last Updated: 7th August 2000

K2v1-4 = Kerr's Merry Melodies, 4 vols
K2v6 = Kerr's Collection of Merry Melodies for the Piano
NF = The Northern Fiddler
DMI = O'Neill, Dance Music of Ireland
MOI = O'Neill, Music of Ireland
MFI = Bulmer & Sharpley, Music From Ireland, 4 vols
NP = Northumbrian Piper's Tunebook
WC = The Dance Music of Willie Clancy
(1) = source forgotten
Gow = various collections from Niel Gow and sons
CRE = Breandan Breathnach, Ceol Rince na hEireann, 5 vols


Page Name in Coles Other names & reference
34 After the Hare NG: Arguably Duchess of Athol's Slipper (K2v1p15)
32 All Aboard NG: The Cuckoo's Nest
35 All the Go NG: This is the Scottish reel Sleepy Maggie.
CM/PW: Jenny's Chickens (2 parts)
21 All the Way to Galway NG: A' the Way to Galloway (K2v3p10); Big Kirsty (K2v1p12)
29 Around the World NG: The Highlandman Kissed His Mother (K2v1p7); Jolly Seven (Cole's)
CM/PW: Miss Kelly (Cole's)
11 Banks of Enverness NG: This has the same root as the Northumbrian tune Salmon Tails Up the Water (NPp46).
CM/PW: Fisherman's Lilt (a polka in Ireland) [see WCp26].
28 Beaux of Oak Hill NG: This is known as a hornpipe, The Boys of Blue Hill. Aka Boys of North Tyne (1).
38 Belles of Omaha CM/PW: The Morning Star.
NG: An alternative name in DMI is The Belles of Omagh (DMI475); in K2v2p27 it's called The Belles of Amaha, and in K2v6p32 it's called The Belles of Omaha.
5 Belles of Tipperary CM/PW: Braes of Auchtertyre .
NG: This can be found in K2v2p29 as The Belles of Tipperary, with only one note difference (although the Kerr's version is in 4/4, Cole's in 2/4). The original strathspey, The Braes of Auchtertyre was written by Crockat and can be seen in K2v1p14.
12 Bennett's Favourite CM/PW: The Silver Spire
33 Betty Pringle's Pig CM/PW: The North End (and not a Neil Gow composition).
43 Black-Eyed Lassie NG: Captain Keeler's (K2v1p15)
15 Blackwater CM/PW: Perrie Werrie.
NG: Found in K2v2p15 as The Perrie Wherrie.
? Blodgett's CM/PW: Jackson's; Miss Daly's (Ryan's).
PdG: Appears as The Dublin Reel in MFI (Bk 1, no.33) and in O'Neill. See also Jackson's (CRE3,102)
16 Bonnie Lad NG: Because He Was a Bonnie Lad (K2v2p4)
6 Boyne Hunt NG: The Perth Hunt (K2v1p8)
42 Braes of Auchentyre see Belles of Tipperary
34 Brightest Eyes CM/PW: Jolly Clamdigger's (Ryan's); Rising Sun (DMI608)
30 Cheese It NG: Corney Is Coming (DMI762)
31 Col. McBain's NG: Colonel McBean
28 Come to Your Tay CM/PW: a version of Ora Stor a' Ghra - a Highland in Donegal.
? Come Under My Dimity BB: Moll Roe.
20 Corkonian NG: Merry Blacksmith; Paddy On the Railroad
20 Corporal Casey's Fancy CM/PW: The Five Mile Chase
19 Countess of Louden CM/PW: The Rising Sun (one of a few under this title).
NG: This tune can be found in Aird, and it also has similarities with Kitty Clyde's
36 Cross Road CM/PW: The Three Merry Sisters (parts 1 and 2)
25 Dimen Dru Deelish CM/PW: Scotch Mary [DMI729] (should be anglicised as Drimeen Dhu Deelish)
22 Evergreen Lasses CM/PW: The Templehouse [DMI505]
48 First of May CM/PW: Played as a hornpipe in Ireland [DMI899]
16 Five Leafed Clover CM/PW: Interesting variant of either The Star of Munster [DMI495] or The Hunter's Purse.
7 Flogging NG: The Flagon (K2v2p16)
21 Flowers of Edinburg CM/PW: Hornpipe in Ireland
NG: K2v1p23
31 Flowers of Limerick CM/PW: The Bunch of Keys; The Telephone Reel (in Ryan's); Paddy On the Turnpike (in Ryan's).
NG: Known in Scotland as The Old Reel or The Cairngorm Brooch.
PdG: I dimly and perhaps mistakenly recall The Yellow Heifer as being another title for this tune.
49 Forget Me Not NG: Lady Mary Ramsay (K2v1p10); The Queen's Shilling (DMI752)
CM/PW: Miss Ramsay
40 Gem of Ireland NG: Homeward Bound (1)
? Grand Spy CM/PW: The Grand Spey.
46 Great Eastern CM/PW: The Silver Spire.
48 Green Groves of Erin NG: The Flail; Mr John Stewart of Grantully
CM/PW: Miss Stewart of Grantully (its Scottish parentage is not generally known to musicians)
21 Green Grow the Rushes CM/PW: A highland/barndance/hornpipe in Ireland
32 Green Trees of Athol NG: The Green Tree (Gow coll)
32 Hibernia's Pride CM/PW: The Flannel Jacket (in the Roche Collection, Vol 1); The New Policeman (in Ryan's).
27 Highland Skip CM/PW: Boyne Hunt [DMI514]
11 Humours of Tufts Street CM/PW: The Humours of Cuffe Street
NG: In Kerr's as Cuffe Street (K2v4p13)
42 Indy's Favourite NG: Judy's Reel (K2v2p25); The Barmaid (Aly Bain), etc
CM/PW: Maid Behind the Bar; The Green Mountain [DMI481]
40 Jack Smith's Favourite NG: Caber Feigh (K2v1p14);
19 Jenny's Baby NG: Jenny's Bawbee (K2v1p4)
46 Jimmy Holmes' Fav NG: Rachel Rae (K2v1p4)
28 Joe Tanzy's NG: Pat Carney's (Coles); Mr Menzies of Culdares (Gow coll); Braes of Glendochart/Glendochert (older Scots colls)
15 Jolly Clam Diggers CM/PW: The Rising Sun [DMI608]; Brightest Eyes (in Ryan)
27 Jolly Seven NG: The Highlandman Kissed His Mother (K2v1p7); Around the World (Cole's)
4 Judy's Reel BB: Maid Behind the Bar; The Green Mountain [DMI481].
NG: The Barmaid (Aly Bain)
23 Keel Row NG: Played as a schottische in Scotland (K2v1p19). In Cole's it's also called Twin Sisters.
CM/PW: Highland in Ireland
? Kelton's CM/PW: Pigtown (both as a reel and a highland in Ireland) [K2v2p29]
23 Kilkenny Boys NG: Lady Mary Ramsay (K2v1p10); The Queen's Shilling (DMI752)
CM/PW: Miss Ramsay (both as a reel and a highland in Ireland)
43 Kilwinning's Steeple NG: Clock In the Steeple (1)
36 Kitty Clyde's NG: Miss Betsy Robertson (K2v2p15); Kitty Robertson (K2v4p14)
27 Ladies' Delight NG: Pretty Peg (K2v2p17).
33 Lady Elgin's Courtship CM/PW: Arguably The Boyne Hunt [see notes]
NG: Actually it's a Scottish reel called Lady Madelina Sinclair's Birthday, which can be found in K2v2p23.
6 Lady Gardner's CM/PW: Five Mile Chase
NG: The Four-Hand Reel (DMI767), aka The Yellow Haired Laddie (in Ryan's) and The Bunch of Keys (1)
12 Lady Edmonton's NG: Miss Edmondston (various Scots colls)
13 Lady Forbe's NG: Lady Harriet Hope (K2v1p14)
37 Larry Downs' NG: Malcolm Finlay; Calum Fhionnlaith (Brenda Stubbert's collection)
12 League and Slasher BB: Pigeon On the Gate; Lagan Slashers.
20 Leap Year NG: Lucy Campbell; Cheap Meal (K2v1p12)
22 Let's Be Gay CM/PW: variant of Duke of Perth [K2v1p11]
30 Magic Slipper CM/PW: Maude Millar
PdG: cf. James Keane's recording and 'Play 50 Reels', Armagh Pipers Club. (abc) The Maude Miller in O'Neill is different but related (DMI 480). See discussion of this tune in IRTRAD archives, 13-14 March 1998. Recorded by Cape Breton fiddler Howie MacDonald as Dan Galbey's.
9 Maggie Picking Cockles CM/PW: Jenny Picking Cockles (related to Jenny's Welcome to Charlie with relationships to some strains of The College Groves)
42 Maguinnis' Delight CM/PW: variant of Clydeside Lassies [K2v1p14]
35 Marquis Hansley's NG: The A part is Stirling Castle (K2v1p4); the B part Marquis of Huntly's Highland Fling (K2v1p6)
16 Mason's Cap NG: The Mason's Apron (K2v1p23)
22 McDonald's NG: Lord Macdonald's (K2v1,10)
45 Merry Night at Tumble Brig NG: Mr Lindsay (Glen coll)
9 Mill-Town Maid CM/PW: Three Merry Sisters (parts 1 and 2)
45 Miller's Reel CM/PW: The Dawn
? Minnie Foster NG: Appears in MFI (Book2, no.52) as The Black Swan. CM notes that he played a hornpipe he learned from John Doherty to Danny O'Donnell, who "immediately noted that Sean McGuire recorded it in a flat key and called it The Black Swan." It apparently appears in (CM again) "in a White-Smith series collection in a different key as The Comet, mark the occurence of a recent comet."
14 Miss Brown's CM/PW: Una Bhain Ni Chuinneagin; The Donegal Reel.
NG: Also found in Kerr's as a hornpipe (K2v2p36)
20 Miss Campbell's NG: Miss Campbell Monzies (K2v3p3)
13 Miss Corbett's NG: The New Demesne (DMI484); also in Aird and other Scots collections as Miss Corbett
47 Miss Daly's CM/PW: Blodgett's Reel (in Ryan's); Jacksons (one of a few)
29 Miss Gunning's Fancy NG: by William Marshall; aka The Contradiction
29 Miss Horgan's NG: Miss Forbes (K2v2,12)
32 Miss Kelly's NG: The Highlandman Kissed His Mother (K2v1p7); Jolly Seven (Cole's); Around the World (Cole's)
35 Miss Plaudy's NG: General Drummond (K2v4p14)
7 Molly McGuire's NG: The Perth Hunt (K2v1p8)
CM/PW: Boyne Hunt (Scottish: The Perthshire Hunt)
31 Money Musk CM/PW: Moneymusk (a highland in Ireland)
NG: Originally called Sir Archibald Grant of Monemusk's Reel, this most widespread of tunes was written by Daniel (sometimes called Donald) Dow (1732-83), a Scottish fiddler. Aka Monymusk.
7 My Love Is Far Away CM/PW: Scotch Mary (see notes for Dimen Dru Deelish)
32 New Policeman's CM/PW: The Flannel Jacket (in Roche Vol.1); Hibernia's Pride (in Ryan's)
13 Niel Gow's NG: The Perth Hunt (K2v1p8)
CM/PW: The Boyne Hunt
12 Oh Gang With Me to Yon Town NG: I'll Gang Nae Mair to Yon Toun (K2v2p21)
12 Old Maids of Galway CM/PW: George White's Favourite
PdG: It is not George White's Favourite
3 Our Boys NG: The Monaghan Switch (NFp70)
? Paddy McFadden's CM/PW: Maude Millar (see notes to The Magic Slipper)
25 Paddy On the Railroad CM/PW: Merry Blacksmith
23 Paddy On the Turnpike see notes for Flowers of Limerick
46 Paine's NG: Dundee Hornpipe etc
23 Pantomime NG: Dundee Hornpipe; Union Hornpipe; Kildare Fancy
7 Parnell's NG: Yellow Haired Laddie (Cole,p36); Four-Hand Reel (DMI767); Bunch of Keys (1); Curly Haired Laddie (K2v6p27)
22 Peeler's Jacket NG: Merry Blacksmith
50 Peter Street NG: Timour the Tarter
43 Picnic NG: The Flowing Tide, a hornpipe in Ireland.
8 Pigeon On the Gate BB: Swallow's Tail; Pride of the Ball [in Ryan's]
15 Piper's Lass NG: Rolling in the Rye Grass (DMI766)
CM/PW: Rathkeale Hunt (in Ryan's)
37 Pride of the Ball BB: Swallow's Tail; Pigeon On the Gate [in Ryan's]
23 Rathkeale Hunt CM/PW: Rolling On the Ryegrass; Piper's Lass (in Ryan's)
48 Rattle the Bottles NG: Push About the Jorum (K2v3p9)
30 Rival, The NG: I have a 78rpm record of The Grafton Quartet playing this
10 Roving Bachelor CM/PW: A Sheamuis Bhig a' bhFuil Ocras ort? (Little Seamus are you hungry - a Highland in Donegal)
33 Rustic NG: I have a 78rpm record of The Grafton Quartet playing this
44 Shuffle BB: Jacksons [see Blodgett's]
19 Sleepy Maggy CM/PW: Jenny's Chickens; All the Go [in Ryan's]
19 Smith's Delight CM/PW: Kitty's Wedding Hornpipe
46 Smith's Reel CM/PW: Kitty's Wedding Hornpipe
? Spirit of 1880 CM/PW: The Dawn
NG: Miller's Reel (in Cole's)
43 Steeple Chase CM/PW: The Swallow's Tail; Pride of the Ball (in Ryan's)
BB: Pigeon On the Gate
48 Swallow Sloop of War NG:The Swallow (Gow collections)
38 Telephone see notes for Flowers of Limerick
21 Wake Up Susan NG: Breakdown (records; a favourite in Scottish Country Dancing)
3 Welcome Here Again NG: Duncan Davidson (K2v1p17)
25 Who Made Your Breeches CM/PW: Limerick Lasses (parts 1 and 2)
25 Winnie Green's Favourite CM/PW: The Graf Spee
36 Yellow Haired Laddie see Parnell's
38 Yorkshire Bite CM/PW: Miss Drummond of Perth [K2v1p6]; The Titanic Highland (in Donegal)


Page Name in Coles Other names & reference
71 Billy O'Rourke's NG: Come Under My Plaidie
54 Billy Peterson's Fav NG: Blackthorn Stick
CM/PW: Maid On the Green
53 Bottle of Brandy CM/PW: The Leg of the Duck; Donal na Greine
51 Boys of Bockhill NG: The Blackthorn Stick
CM/PW: Maid On the Green
58 Bridal, The NG: The Priest's Leap
74 Brisk Young Lad's NG: There Cam a Young Man
65 Bully for You NG: Leg of a Duck etc
52 Catholic Boys CM/PW: The Geese In the Bog (a floating title)
57 Close to the Floor CM/PW: Fr Tom's Wager
53 Come Under My Pladdie CM/PW: Come Under My Plaidie; Black Rogue; Rogaire Dubh
56 Come to the Raffle Larry Mallette: Tongs By the Fire
CM/PW: Not composed by Hand as credited?
57 Emon Acnuck Michael Robinson: Bryan O'Lynn
CM/PW: This is a corruption of the Gaelic Eamonn a'Chnoic. The tune is not the same as the song by that title printed in Roche 3.
63 Drop of Whiskey, A NG: Drops of Brandy
52 Fasten the Wig On Her CM/PW: Fasten the Leg On Her
52 Go To the Devil and Shake Yourself CM/PW: When Sick Is It Tea You Want?
57 Golliher's Frolic CM/PW: Gallagher's Frolic
62 Hills of Glenurchie NG: Hills of Glenorchy; Jolly Corkonian
56 Irishman's Heart to the Ladies CM/PW: Sweet Biddy Daly
52 Joe Kennedy's CM/PW: Hills of Glenorchy (one of many variants in Ryan's; others are noted as they appear. See also Apples in Winter and The Jolly Corkonian in O'Neill)
74 Jolly Pedler's Michael Robinson: I'm the Boy for Bewitching Them
54 Katy Is Waiting CM/PW: Hills of Glenorchy variant
52 Lady Cawdor's NG: Ride a Mile
54 Little Brown Jug CM/PW: 2nd strain a variant of Tatter Jack Welsh
53 Maggie Brown's Favorite CM/PW: Planxty Brown (attributed to Carolan)
NG: (Miss) Margaret Brown's Favourite, claimed by Nathaniel Gow
52 Moll Roe In the Morning CM/PW: Moll Roe
54 Old Walls of Liscarrol CM/PW: (not same as O'Neill's tune)
54 Paddy's the Boy NG: Hartigan's Fancy; Humours of Enistymon
70 Pivot Brig, the NG: Teviot Brig (K2v1p13)
51 Pothouge CM/PW: Polthogue
72 Puss In the Corner NG: Lady Charlotte Murray's Fav (Gow coll); The Cat In the Corner (DMI129); O'Mahoney's Frolics (DMI190)
75 Red Stockings NG: Kick the World Before You (Alastair Anderson LP)
71 Roaring Willie's NG: Rattlin' Roarin' Willie (K2v3p25)
55 Tell Her I Am CM/PW: (Not as in DMI)
53 Trip to Galway CM/PW: Hills of Glenorchy variant
58 Whiskey and Beer Michael Robinson: Another Jig Will Do (MOI)
56 Wink Of Her Eye CM/PW: Bold John O'Leary. Not composed by Hand as credited?


Page Name in Coles Other names & reference
113 Babbit's NG: Smith's Hornpipe
91 Democratic NG: Galway Bay Hornpipe
110 Duxbury NG: Dundee Hornpipe etc
117 Great Western NG: Millicent's Fav; The Belfast HP
90 Highland NG: High Level Hornpipe by James Hill
88 London NG: Navvie, The
99 Miss Barker's NG: The Rocket (Jerry Holland's coll)
108 Morpeth's NG: The Morpeth Rant
108 Myopia NG: Smith's HP
125 New Brig of Glasgow NG: Miss Gibson's (K3)
98 St Elmo NG: Sunshine Hornpipe (DMI)
112 Vendome NG: The Independant (1)

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