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While most of the world has settled for so-called "IBM™ compatible" desktop computers, there are still several alternatives, of which possibly the most interesting and exciting is Acorn's™ RISC ("Reduced Instruction Set Computer") desktop range. Below are some useful links for those who would like to find out a bit more about these unusual and (in many ways) ground-breaking machines.

Many of the features, facilities and general handling of modern computer systems are derived, either directly or indirectly, from Acorn's Operating System, called RISC OS™. Features and capabilities such as smooth font display, real-time window movement, drag-and-drop data/file transfer, an iconbar for applications, and multiple document views in independent windows, all first appeared on Acorn RISC computers way back in late 1988(!) Most other computers either still don't have these capabilities at all, or they appeared much later.

Here are some pages about these innovative computers, their equally-innovative Operating System (RISC OS) and a cluster of links:

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4-slice Acorn RiscPC

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