RISC OS Computers: the Hardware

Me with my Acorn RiscPC

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Here are some of the more recent computers that natively run the RISC OS Operating System:

This is not an exhaustive catalogue—just a few of the more notable examples.

The Acorn RiscPC

The Acorn RiscPC.

The Acorn RiscPC-II

A cancelled project that was almost complete:
the Acorn RiscPC-II, code-named Phoebe.

The Acorn Rocket Ship

Possibly the world's tallest and most complex desktop computer:
the Acorn "Rocket Ship".

The Network Computer (N|C)

The Network Computer (N|C)

The Castle/Cumana Slym

The Castle Technology/Cumana Slym

The RiscStation Portable

The RiscStation Portable

The exciting Cerilica Nucleus

The exciting Cerilica "Nucleus"

The Castle Kinetic Card

The Castle Technology Kinetic Card

The PC Card

The PC Card (Second Processor)

Acorn's RiscPC can emulate a PC using a small plug-in PC/Second Processor card, of which several types have been available over the years.

Spinning RiscPC image

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