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Here are links to a few of the many useful RISC OS-related sites.

Other (more comprehensive than mine!) RISC OS Links Pages

"Link" Button The Drobe Portal

"Link" Button The RISC OS Open Directory Project

"Link" Button RISCOS Ltd's extensive Links Page

The RISC OS Operating System

"Link" Button RISCOS Ltd

RISC OS Computer Makers

"Link" Button Castle Technology Ltd (Acorn designs)

"Link" Button Cerilica Limited (Nucleus)

"Link" Button MicroDigital Ltd (Mico & Omega)

"Link" Button RiscStation Ltd (Various including Portable/Palmtop)

RISC OS Commercial Software and Hardware Producers (just a few of the many)

"Link" Button APDL (various)

"Link" Button Cerilica Limited (Vantage, RiScript-Pro)

"Link" Button Clares Micro Supplies (Art & Other Software)

David Pilling (Various including Ovation-Pro, Spark, ArcFax)

The Fourth Dimension (Games and Educational)

"Link" Button Icon Technology (Word Processors)

"Link" Button Image Software (BigBro Network Supervision)

"Link" Button Jonathon Duddington (Speak, Pluto)

"Link" Button Quantum Software (Keystroke, Blinds, TempDir etc)

"Link" Button R-Comp / RCI (Internet and Games)

"Link" Button Stuart Tyrell Developments (mouse, joystick and keyboard units and adaptors)

"Link" Button Warm Silence Software (various)

"Link" Button Windfall Engineering (ViewFinder; also John Kortink's range of Shareware)

RISC OS Shareware Producers (a few of at least a hundred!)

"Link" Button Chris Morison (Organizer)

"Link" Button Paul Vigay's extensive range of Shareware

"Link" Button Sanface Shareware (txt2pdf and others)

British Acorn / RISC OS-related Magazines

"Link" Button Acorn User (News-stand & Subscription)

"Link" Button Archive (Subscription only)

"Link" Button RISC Domain (Subscription only; CD)

"Link" Button RISC World (Subscription only; CD)

British Acorn / RISC OS Clubs and User Groups

Association of Acorn User Groups (AAUG)

The ARM Club

"Link" Button Bottisham Acorn Users Group (BAUG) — Email: Andrew Harmsworth

"Link" Button Bristol Area RISC Users Group (BARUG)

"Link" Button Blackpool Computer Club

"Link" Button Derby Area RISC Club (DARC)

"Link" Button Essex Acorn User Group (EAUG)

"No-Link" Button Hemel Hempstead RISC OS User Group (HHRUG) — Email: Paul Stewart

ICENI, Ipswich

"Link" Button Liverpool Acorn User Group (LAUG)

"Link" Button M25 East RISC OS User Group (M25EROUG)

"Link" Button RISC OS North West User Group (RONWUG). Formerly Manchester Acorn User Group

"Link" Button North Kent Acorn Computer Club (NKACC)

"Link" Button RMRost (Germany)

"Link" Button RISC OS Users Group of Ireland (ROUGoI) — Email: ROUGoI

"Link" Button RISC OS Users Group Of London (ROUGOL) — Email: dgs or ROUGOL Info

"Link" Button RISC Users Norfolk Group (RUNG)

"No Link" Button Southampton Acorn User Group (SAUG) — Email: Dave Higton

"Link" Button Surrey/Sussex Acorn User Group (SASAUG)

"Link" Button Wakefield RISC OS Computer Group (WROCC)

"Link" Button Wessex ARM User Group (WAUG)

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