Project No. C4/2: Castle Music Logo

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First Draft
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Third Draft
3a     3b
Fifth Draft
5a     5b


Job Story
In February 2001, Derrick Chapman asked me to think about ideas and possible
costs for the design of score covers for short-run music publications (Project No. C4/01).
Subsequently, he asked me to think about a new logo for Castle Music.

March 2/3: Worked on a couple of approaches (1a and 2a above). Will wait to hear
from Castle Music before proceeding with other ideas.

March 13: Worked on some more ideas. 3a and 3b above are possibilities, but there may
be problems with reproducing in black and white (for faxes, etc). 5a-c is
perhaps a better bet, and the design fits in with the logotype (the way the "Castle Music"
text is designed). To see idea No.5 in context, click here.

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