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Iain MacKintosh

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Home for a While (Kettle Records KOP 14, 1984)

Side One: Some Kind of Love (John Stewart); The Long Road to Perfection (Colum Sands); A Wild Utopian Dream (Alex Glasgow); Whatever You Say, Say Nothing (Colum Sands); I'll Stick on the Stamp (Iain MacKintosh); The Rolling Hills o' the Borders (Matt McGinn); Take the Children and Run (Don Lange)
Side Two: The Ballad of Jimmy Steele (Davy Steele); Protect and Survive (John Clifton); I'm Quiet (Malvina Reynolds); Young Paul (Jeremy Taylor); Pearl Handled Pocket Knife (Fort & Hutchins); All Used Up (Bruce 'Utah' Phillips); The Greenland Whale Fisheries (Trad); Call Me the Whale (Paul Kaplan)

Freedom Come All Ye (Wilkie House Records WHR001, 1985)
with Mirk, Sprangeen, Hamish Henderson, Margaret Bennet, The McAlmans, Davy Steel, and Dougie MacLean

Side One: Granny Fraser's Flittin' (trad) Side Two: Poor Old Man (trad)

This LP was the Scottish folk scene's effort to aid suffering in Ethiopia

Standing Room Only (Kettle Records KOP 16, 1986)

Side One: How Can It End (Peter Nardini); Fifty Pence (Trad/Iain MacKintosh); Margarita (Harvey Andrews); Message From Mother Earth (Frankie Armstrong); The Songs That Harry Wrote (Harvey Andrews); For All the Good People (Ken Hicks)
Side Two: Oor Hamlet (Adam McNaughtan); Love Song (Victoria Wood); Hands Off the Old Town (Iain MacKintosh); Mary Cecilia Brown (Dory Previn); You Don't Need A Dog (Peter Nardini); Sing for the Song (Shel Silverstein)

Recorded live at Strathaven Folk Club

Live In Hamburg (MusiKiste 26-6-356, 1986)
with Hamish Imlach

Side One: Johnny Cope [2] ; Skye Boat Song [2] ; The General [1] (trad/new words Imlach/MacKintosh); Weary Life [1] (Bogle/Imlach/MacKintosh); Dance Band on the Titanic (Harry Chapin); Rollin' [1] (Randy Newman); Susie [1] (Imlach/MacKintosh)
Side Two: Paddy Lay Back [2] (trad/new words Imlach/MacKintosh); Tramps and Hawkers [1]; The New Restaurant (Malvina Reynolds); Lily the Pink [1] (trad/new words Imlach/MacKintosh); My Friends [1] (John Denver); All the Tunes in the World [1] (trad/words Ewan McVicar)

[1] = sung by Iain MacKintosh & Hamish Imlach [2] = sung by Hamish Imlach

Recorded live at 'Die Zwiebel', Hamburg, Elbtreppe, on 1 Sep 1985

Gentle Persuasion (Greentrax TRAX 014, 1988)

Side One: Tomorrow, You're Gone (Christine Lavin); Uncle Walter (Tom Gala); Run the Film Backwards (Sydney Carter); My Old Man (Steve Goodman); It's So Easy To Dream (Bob Frankie); When I'm Gone (Phil Ochs); The January Man (Dave Goulder)
Side Two: The Farm Auction (Enoch Kent); The Wheelchair Talking Blues (Fred Small); The Song of the Pineapple Rag (Bob Blue/Iain MacKintosh); First You Lose the Rhyming (Harvey Andrews); Waltzing Around in the Nude (Dick McCormack); Five Ways to Kill a Man (Edwin Brock/Iain MacKintosh)

with Brian McNeill and Alan Reid

Just My Cup of Tea (MusiKiste 34-6-098 CD, 1991)

The Horse (Iain MacKintosh); 1913 Massacre (Woody Guthrie); Tunes of Glory (Pete St John); Poor Boy on the Road (Bob Gibson); A Man You Meet Every Day (John McCready); Sure Sounds Like Society To Me (Harry Chapin); The Last Stand (Harry Chapin); The Activity Room (Ruth Pelham); Old Men and Children (Frank Hennessy); Strong Women Rule the World (Brian McNeill); The High-Low Song (Tom Gala); I Can't Touch the Sun (Shel Silverstein); Newfoundland (Frank Hennessy)

with Phil Shackleton and Volker Wilmking

Risks and Roses (Greentrax CDTRAX 043, 1991)

If I Had A Boat (Lyle Lovett); Remember When the Music Came From Wooden Boxes (Harry Chapin); I Wish I Was In Glasgow (Billy Connolly); Cheeky Young Lad (Harvey Andrews); The Rats Are Winning (Charlie King); The King of Rome (Dave Sudbury); Flowers Are Red (Harry Chapin); My Home Town (Alan Reid); Roses from the Wrong Man (Christine Lavin); Acceptable Risks (Charlie King); Instr: Dill Pickle Rag; Annie McKelvie (Ian Ingram); Kilkelly (Peter Jones); The Hug Song (Fred Small)

with Brian McNeill and Alan Reid

I Was Born In Glasgow (Gallus Music GAL 102, 1991)
with Ian Davison, Hamish Imlach, Ewan McVicar, Alan Tall.

Side One: I Wish I Was In Glasgow (Billy Connolly); The Glasgow I Used To Know (Adam McNaughtan) [1]; Farewell to Glasgow (Jim McLean)

[1] = with Ewan McVicar

Stage By Stage (Greentrax CDTRAX 101, 1995)
with Brian McNeill.

The Plainstanes (Brian McNeill)/The Glasgow Magistrate (Trad) [3]; The Wind and Rain (Trad) [1]; The Sea Maiden (Trad)/The Balkan Hills (P. Gillon); The Bonnie Wee Lassie Who Never Said No (Trad) [2]; Holyrood House (Trad); Generations of Change (Matt Armour) [1]; The Dallas... High Heel Two-Step (Brian McNeill)/Smoky Mokes (Abe Holzmann); Beautiful Dreamer (Stephen Foster)/Traveller's Moon (Brian McNeill) [2]; Summer of Love (Peter Nelson) [1]; The Recruited Collier (Trad)/The Tank (Brian McNeill)/Cronin's (Trad)/The Fisherman's Lilt (Trad); What You Do With What You've Got (Si Kahn) [1]; The Black Swan (Trad)/Roslin Castle (Trad); You Can't Take It With You When You Go (Jez Lowe/Bev Sanders) [1]

[1] = sung by Iain MacKintosh
[2] = sung by Brian McNeill
[3] = shared

The Alex Campbell Tribute Concert (2 CD, T Records TCD 007, 1997)

CD Two: Iain MacKintosh - I Wish I Was In Glasgow (Billy Connolly); Iain MacKintosh & Hamish Imlach - Everybody Loves Saturday Night; Allan Taylor, Mike Silver, Iain MacKintosh & Ensemble - Been on the Road So Long (Alex Campbell); Iain MacKintosh - No More Stravaigin' (Gibb Todd)

Other compilations:
Interfolk Festival vol 4 (Autogram, 1973) - first recording
The Greatest Ceilidh Band on Earth (Tonder Festival) (Millstream 1001, 1981)
The Music and Song of Edinburgh (Greentrax, 1995?) - no original recordings
Tonder Festival 25 years (Millstream, 1999) - live festival recordings

Session musician on:
Hamish Imlach, Ballads of Booze (1967)
Hamish Imlach, Fine Old English Tory Times (1972)
Hamish Imlach, Murdered Ballads (1973)
Gaberlunzie, Freedom's Sword (1974)
Gaberlunzie, Wind and Water Time and Tide (1976)
Hamish Imlach, Scottish Sabbath (1976)
Hans Theessink, Titanic (1981)
Hamish Imlach, Sonny's Dream (1985)
Arthur Johnstone, North By North (1989)
Brian McNeill, The Back o' the North Wind (1991)
Rod Sinclair, Breaks and Bonds (1992)