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Traditional Music

 Ian McK

Iain MacKintosh

Scottish folksinger
Some of Iain's recordings are detailed below. There are more of Iain's albums on the next page. With thanks to Susanne Kalweit.


The Islanders (Waverley ZLP 2048, 1965)
with Jim Craig, Nancy Craig, John Noble (and Ian Brown on bass)

Side One: The Hour That the Ship Comes In (Dylan); Polly Wolly Doodle; Four Strong Winds (Ian Tyson); The Pawn Song (Iain MacKintosh); Mary Don't You Weep; Spanish Is a Loving Tongue; John Henry
Side Two: The Dark Island (trad/W Gordon Smith); Red Yo-Yo (McGinn); No Irish Need Apply; Golden River (Jimmy Driftwood); Jolly Roving Tars; Banks O' Sicily (trad/Hamish Henderson)

all songs traditional unless otherwise indicated

By Request (Autogram ALLP 196, 1973)

Side One: John McLean's March (Trad/Henderson); Concertina medley: The Sea Maiden/Holyrood House; Annie's Song (Paxton); Spanish Fandango; Bantam Cock (Thackeray); Mrs Canatelli (Gallagher & Lyle); Pipe medley: The Dark Island/The Bugle Horn; Old Man's Song (Ian Campbell); Chickens (Trad/MacKintosh)
Side Two: Jimmy Clay (Pat Sky); The Terror Time (MacColl); Who Killed Davy Moore (Dylan); International (Gallagher & Lyle); Saturday Night (Paxton); The Glasgow That I Used To Know (McNaughtan); Wildwood Flower (Parody - Trad/Cheech & Chong); Three Men From Carntyne (Watt/MacKintosh)

With Alistair Campbell, John Giblin, Gordon Menzies, Robin Watson.

A Better Class of Folk (Lismor LILP 5022, 1975)
with Dominic Behan, Mike Whellans, Billy Davidson, Allan Barty

Side One: If You Want to See the General [1] (trad arr MacKintosh/Whellans/ Davidson/Barty); The Glasgow I Used to Know (Jim MacLean)
Side Two: Ballad of Joe Hill (Woody Guthrie); The Good Ship Reuben James [1] (Woody Guthrie)

[1] = sung by the ensemble

From Scottish Television's long-running folk series

Encore (Dara Records MPA 010, 1975)

Side One: B.A.C.O.N. and E.G.G.s (Braddock/Putman); The Ballad of Penny Evans (Steve Goodman); Nae Luck About the Hoose; Ballad of Joe Hill (Earl Robinson/Alfred Hayes); Mary Mack's Mother (Trad); The Capitalist Dream (Jeremy Taylor)
Side Two: I Wish I Was A Rock (Derroll Adams/add. lyrics Iain MacKintosh)/Darkies Dream; The Fairfield Crane (Archie Fisher/Norman Buchan/Bobby Campbell); My Sweet Lady (John Denver); Pipe Selection: Massacre of Glencoe (Jim McLean)/ Brochan Lom; Farewell to Glasgow (Jim McLean); And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda (Eric Bogle)

Iain MacKintosh (vocals, banjo, concertina, small pipes), Mike Whellans (guitar, bodhran, harmonica), Alan Barty (mandola, fiddle, electric bass)

A Man's A Man (Autogram ALLP 215, 1978)
with Hamish Imlach

Side One: A Man's A Man For A' That [1] (trad/Burns); Jamie Foyers (MacColl); D-Day Dodgers [2] (Schulze/Henderson); Parcel of Rogues [2] (trad/Burns); The Roving Ploughboy [1]; Wae's Me For Prince Chairlie; McPherson's Rant [2]
Side Two: Skye Boat Song [2]; Betsy Bell; The Can o' Tea (Matt McGinn); I Am A Miller [2]; Freedom Come All Ye (trad/Henderson); The Flooers o' the Forest [2]; Baron of Brackley [2]; Johnny Cope [2]

[1] = sung by Iain MacKintosh & Hamish Imlach [2] = sung by Hamish Imlach

all songs traditional unless otherwise indicated

Straight to the Point (Verlag Atelier im Bauernhaus PL 513, 1979)

Side One: No Use For Him (Eric Bogle); Sam Stone (John Prine); Hero's Return (Eric Bogle); Instr: Roslin Castle; The Writing of Tipperary (Bill Caddick)
Side Two: Blood Upon the Grass (Adam McNaughtan/Ed Miller); Whose Garden Was This (Tom Paxton); Prisoner 562 (Oswald Andrae/Iain MacKintosh); Flowers Are Red (Harry Chapin); For A' That/För all dat/Trotz alledem (Robert Burns/Oswald Andrae/Ferdinand Freiligrath)

with Helmut Debus, Mick Franke, Elke Herold, Helmut Inhulsen, Ulla Schmidt, Michael Thaut

Live In Glasgow (Kettle Records KOP 2, 1979)

Side One: The Cat's in the Cradle (Harry Chapin); I'm My Own Grandpa (Lonzo & Oscar); No Man's Land (Eric Bogle); A Poor Old Man (Trad); Song of Unrequited Love (Adam McNaughtan); Quo' the Idealist (Adam McNaughtan); The Writing of Tipperary (Bill Caddick)
Side Two: Granny Fraser's Flittin' (Trad); Flowers Are Red (Harry Chapin); Scrumpy (Trad); No Use For Him (Eric Bogle); Liz (Shel Silverstein); Unaccompanied Song (Harvey Andrews); Paddy and the Bricks (Pat Cooksey); Put Another Log on the Fire (Shel Silverstein); The Oldest Swinger In Town (Ed Pickford)

Recorded live at the Star Folk Club, Glasgow, 22 March 1979

Singing from the Inside (Kettle Records KOP 6, 1981)

Side One: An Honest Working Man (Eric Bogle); A Sweet Song of Yesterday (Bob Zentz); William (Leon Rosselson); Annie Brown (Adam McNaughtan); Armstrong (John Stewart); Tomorrow (Bob Gibson/Iain MacKintosh); Why Do the Little Girls Grow Crooked (Harry Chapin); I'm Going Back on the Bicycle (Tommy Sands)
Side Two: Wars o' Germany (Trad); For the Special Friends (Iain MacKintosh); The Food-a-holic (Crawford Howard); The Glasgow Mother's Lullaby (Eric Bogle); The Traditional Folksinger's Lament (Eric Bogle); We Sell Everything; You Are the Only Song (Harry Chapin)

Recorded live at Glenfarg Folk Club

Songs For Peace (FolkFreak FF 4010, 1983)

Side One: The Ballad of Penny Evans (Steve Goodman)

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