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The JSD Band

Scottish Folk-Rock Group

Some of The JSD Band's recordings are detailed below:


JSD Band: Country of the Blind (Regal Zonophone, 1970)

JSD Band: JSD Band (Cube Records Hifly 11, 1972)

Side One: Open Road (O'Rourke); As I Roved Out; Betsy (the Serving Maid); Barney Brallaghan; Johnny O' Braidislea
Side Two: Going Down the Road (Guthrie/Hays); Sylvie; Irish Girl; Honey Babe; Groundhog

Jim Divers (bass), Des Coffield (guitars, vocals, mandolin, tenor banjo), Sean O'Rourke (mouth harp, banjo, vocals, piccolo, flute, guitars), Lindsay Scott (fiddles, vocals), Colin Finn (drums, percussion)

JSD Band: Travelling Days (Cube Records Hifly 14, 1973)

Side One: Gallway Races; Fishin' Blues; Sarah Jane; Travelling Days; King's Favourite
Side Two: Cuckoo; Dowie Dens of Yarrow; Down the Road; Young Waters; Green Fields (of America)

Des Coffield ( mandolin, bottleneck guitar, 12-string guitar, harpsichord, accordion, piano, vocals), Sean O'Rourke (flute, piccolo, fiddle, guitar, banjo, vocals), Jim Divers (bass, cello, vocals), Chuck Fleming (fiddle, mandolin), Colin Finn (drums, percussion)

Alba: Alba (Rubber Records RUB 021, 1977)

Side One: Glen Rinnes/The Jig of Slurs; The Overgate; Kings Favourite; Van Dieman's Land; The Mermaid's Song/John Murray of Lochee/Pipe Major George Allen
Side Two: The Blacksmith's Reel/The Star of Munster; Fear Ah Bhata; Drummond Castle/Paddy's Leather Breeches; Captain Ward; The Garten Mother's Lullaby; The Geese In the Bog/Dr McInees' Fancy

Alan Macleod (Highland bagpipes, bodhran), Tony Cuffe (guitar, lyre, whistle, vocals), Sean O'Rourke (vocals, bazouki, flute, whistle), Mike Ward (fiddle, mandolin, guitar, vocals)

Robin Hall & Jimmie Macgregor: Songs for Scotland (Beltona SBE 190, 1977)

Side One: The Land of Macleod; Where Is the Glasgow I Used To Know? (McNaughtan); The Field of Bannockburn (trad/Macgregor); Fetlar Lullaby; The Wee Magic Stane (J McEvoy); Pack Your Tools and Go (trad/Macgregor); England Forever (Cliff Hanley)
Side Two: The Freedom Come All Ye (Hamish Henderson); St Andrew (Cliff Hanley/Robin Hall); The Miner's Lullaby (Matt McGinn); The John Mclean March (Hamish Henderson); Scottish Tradition (Jimmie Macgregor); Is There for Honest Poverty (Burns)

Robin Hall & Jimmie MacGregor with Alex Hutton, Sean O'Rourke, Ricki Fernandez (bass), Billy Thom (drums)

JSD Band: For the Record (199?)

Sarah Jane; As I Roved Out; The Cuckoo; The Irish Girl/The Musical Priest; Groundhog; Johnny O' Breadislea; The Sunshine Hornpipe/The Mountain Road; Darlin' Corey; The Galway Races; Goin' Down the Road; Don't Think Twice; Down the Road; Morrison's Jig/Cooley's Reel; Over and Over

JSD Band: Pastures of Plenty (CDLDL 1274, 1998)

The Bonnie Lass of Albany; Unknown Polka/The Dancing Master's Reel/As I Went Out Upon the Ice; Pastures of Plenty; The Downfall of Paris/The Chanter's Tune; Shake Loose the Border; Seamus's Jig/Unknown/The Monaghan Jig/Unknown; Patrick's Island; The Gypsy Laddie; The Sligo Maid/The Humours of Tulla/St Anne's Reel/The Green Fields of Rossbeigh/O'Rourke's Reel; Shady Cove; Rodney's Glory/An Spalpeen Fanach; The Spanish Lady

Chuck Fleming, Sean O'Rourke (sax), Des Coffield, Rob Mairs (banjo, dobro), Jim Divers (bass), Colin Finn (drums, percussion)