Jimmy Shand

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"c" indicates that the track is on cassette; "78" means I have a copy of the record itself.
c 1933
CAR.2411 The Drunken Piper; Laird of Drumblair; Deil Among the Tailors Regal Zono MR 1388 78
CAR.2413 Set of Reels
Intro; Punchbowl; My Love She's But a Lassie Yet; Fair Maid of Perth
Regal Zono MR 1388 78
JAMES SHAND (accordion), acc. Margaret Low (pno)
c early 1935
M 465 Irish Jigs
Blackthorn Stick; Rory O'More; Dublin Jig
Beltona BL.2229 78 cSE1
M 475 Folk Waltz
Ash Grove; Jenny Jones
Beltona BL.2229 78 cSE1
M 467 Circassian Circle
When I look Back at Bonnie Aberdeen; Kate Dalrymple
Beltona BL.2233-A cSE1
M 476 March, Strathspey & Reel
Miss Elspeth Campbell; Huntly's Farewell; Captain Keillor
Beltona BL.2233-B cSE1
JAMES SHAND (accordion), acc. Margaret Low (pno)
M.589 Happy Hours Beltona BL.2382 78
M.642 Scott Skinner
(Skinner's Tunes on the Accordion)
Beltona 2328-A 78
JAMES SHAND Accordion solo
M.652 Listening - Waltz Beltona 2328-B 78
JAMES SHAND (accordion), acc. Joe Mooney (pno)
M.774 St Bernard's Waltz
Intro: Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms; I Lo'e a Lassie; Lunan Bay
Beltona BL.2382 78
JAMES SHAND (button key accordion), Miss Low (piano), Len Kidd (drums)
MR.818 Blue Ridge Medley
Intro: De Old Banjo; Kingdom Coming; O Susannah!
Beltona 2395-A 78
MR.819 The Grampians Grand March
Intro: Stonehaven March; Scotland the Brave
Beltona 2395-B 78
JAMES SHAND (accordion), acc. John Knight (pno), Owen McCabe (drums)
after November 1942
M 969A Happy to Meet
74th's Farewell to Edinburgh; 5th Battn. Dundee Home Guard
Beltona BL 2454 cSE1
M 970B Sorry to Part
Mist Covered Mountains; KOSB's March to the Somme
Beltona BL 2454 cSE1
M 973 Rik-Ma-Ree
Col. Robertson; Cold Wind from Ben-Wyvis
Beltona BL 2457-A cSE1
M 974 Rik-Ma-Tick
Captain McNeil; Heilan' Wiskey; Mrs McLeod
Beltona BL 2457-B cSE1
JAMES SHAND Accordeon solo with piano
CA.15965 Inverness Gathering-March; Braes o' Tullyment-Strathspey; Kitty High-Reel Parlophone F.3320 78
CA.15966 Bonnie Anne-March; Tulchan Lodge-Strathspey; Timour the Tartar-Reel Parlophone F.3320 78
CE 13037 Lord Rosslyn's Fancy
Intro; Lord Rosslyn's Fancy; Miss Stewart's Jig of Bombay; I Hae Laid a Herrn' In Salt
Parlophone F. 3410 78
CE 13042 Monymusk
Intro; Monymusk; Highland Whiskey; Bob Johnston
Parlophone F. 3410 78

Code Description
cSE1 cassette, Misc 78s from 78s belonging to Stuart Eydmann