May 1930 reported accidents

This accident list is the result of many years work, noting accidents reported in various sources. The accidents may be anything from a forced-landing to a total write off. I make no claims as to the accuracy of any item, but these notes may help if you wish to follow up any report. Any additions or corrections to this list would be welcome. You can email me at (or just click on this link)

A "?" in any column indicates that there is a definite doubt in my mind

Military serials are given in the Registration column where known, otherwise the nationality is followed by "-mil". A serial with no prefix indicates a RAF aircraft

The Type is as reported, remember that many newspapers described any light aircraft as a ¯Moth¯

The Location may be some distance from the accident site, particularly in more remote parts of the world. The country is assumed to be that of the registration, unless otherwise shown. Country names are those that existed at the time, e.g., Karachi would be in India, not Pakistan. Some place names are shortened, indicated by "/" to save space. All storm damage is generally described as "gale"

The Notes column gives alternate dates where sources differ, occasionally Squadron numbers, company, aircraft or pilot´s names if I feel that this may be useful

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Date Registration Type Place Notes
May 1930 F-AJPD Late 28 unknown Montevideo to Buenos Aires
May 1930 C4643 Bristol Fighter Ba'ir, Jordan
May 1930 F4344 Bristol Fighter Ba'ir, Jordan
May 1930 F4856 Bristol Fighter Zerka (Iraq)
May 1930 J9052 Hawker Osprey unknown based at Felixstowe
May 1930 J9792 Fairey IIIF unknown 14 Sqn
May 1930 J9795 Fairey IIIF unknown 14 Sqn
1 May D- Berlin
1 May D- Espenlaub E.15 Wesermunde
1 May Nxx Cape Cod, MA
1 May S1043 S'marine Southampton damaged in flight
1 May S1336 Fairey IIIF HMS Ark Royal possibly S1386
1 May 2 FTS Bristol Fighter unknown
1 May RAF Digby
2 May F-ADCA Farman 63bis Penshurst 9th also reported
2 May Nxx Long Meadow, MA
2 May Nxx Kansas
2 May Nxx Pittsburgh, PA
2 May J8745 Avro 504N Netheravon collision
2 May J8772 Avro 504N Netheravon collision
2 May J8977 Avro 504N Abu Sueir, Egypt
2 May RAF Solent from "Ark Royal"
2 May USAAC Curtiss Mexico, MS
2 May USAAC Fresno, CA
3 May Nxx Madison, WI
4 May VH-UKC DH 60 Brewarrina, NSW
4 May VH- Miowera, NSW
5 May F4414 Bristol Fighter Jhelum, India
5 May J7180 Boulton Paul Sidestrand Catfoss
5 May RAF Hornsea, Yorks
5 May TC-mil Izmir
5 May A12-4 Bristol Bulldog Point Cook 15th also reported
6 May G-AAPN DH 60 Hampton-on-Thames
6 May FAA Fairey IIIF HMS Glorious
7 May G- Tangier query date, pilot Cmdr Litz
7 May XB- Mexico
7 May RCAF 27 DH 60 Angus, Ont
8 May G-EBTN DH 9J Faversham, Kent
8 May Nxx Pine Bluff, AR
8 May XB- Mexico query date
8 May J8930 Cierva C.8L-I Andover
9 May NC740K Boeing 40-B4 San Jose, CA
9 May Nxx San Francisco, CA
9 May Nxx Travelair Hartford, CT
9 May RAF Selby, Yorks
9 May RAF ? Southampton Water
10 May G-AATI Desoutter Spotswood, New Zealand
10 May (G-AAPF ?) DH 60 Beconsfield
10 May CF- St John, NB
10 May I- off Fano, Greece Aerospress
10 May Nxx Klemm Red Bank, NJ
10 May Nxx Coatesville, PA
10 May No.918 Late 28 unknown Buenos Aires to Montevideo
11 May G- glider Nottingham
11 May Nxx Travelair Huntington, LI
11 May Nxx Roosevelt Fld, LI query date
11 May Nxx Green Bay, WI
11 May VH-UMY Larkin Lasconder Coode Island, V
11 May XB- (mil ?) Port Simon, TI- query date
12 May VH- DH 50J gnd Winton
12 May VH- Junkers Wau, NG 12th March also reported
12 May S1200 Fairey IIIF HMS Furious
13 May Nxx Metal G-2W Denver, CO
14 May NC892E Lockheed Vega 5B Hamilton, Ont, Canada
14 May VT- Mahabaleshwar
14 May F4562 Bristol Fighter Peshawar, India
14 May USAAC off Hawaii
15 May G-EBOH DH 60 Farnham 16th also reported
15 May G-AAIB DH 60 Renfrew
15 May J7177 AW Siskin Sealand
15 May S1306 Fairey IIIF Kai Tak, Hong Kong
15 May RAF Brooklands
15 May VH- A12-4 Bristol Bulldog Point Cook
16 May PP- Santos
16 May H1634 Bristol Fighter Sealand collision
16 May J9927 DH 60 Sealand collision
16 May S1279 ? Fairey Flycatcher unknown, IoW
16 May S1342 Fairey IIIF HMS Glorious
17 May CF- DH 60 Oxford, NS
17 May D- ? Bretz, Berlin pilot Valier
17 May Nxx Houston, TX
17 May F4285 Bristol Fighter Ramleh, Palestine
17 May RAF Westland Wapiti Risalpur 11 Sqn
17 May RAF Khyber Pass, India
18 May Nxx Des Moines, IA
18 May Nxx Valley Stream, NY
19 May D- ? unknown, Spain query date
19 May J9579 Bristol Bulldog ground unknown 17 Sqn
19 May J9586 Bristol Bulldog ground Upavon collision
19 May RAF ground Upavon collision
19 May USAAC San Antonio, TX
19 May USMC Chula Vista CA
20 May EC- Talavera
20 May EC- Seville
20 May EC- Madrid
20 May Nxx Jamaica Bay, NY
20 May J8980 Avro 504N gnd Ismailia, Egypt collision
20 May J8990 Avro 504N gnd Ismailia, Egypt collision
20 May J9213 AW Siskin Spittlegate
20 May FAA two Fairey IIIF HMS Furious
20 May J-army Yokkaichi
21 May ZK-ABV DH 60 Te Awamutu 31st also reported, ex G-EBZY
21 May J8667 AW Siskin North Weald
22 May NC9651 Ford 5-AT LaLande, NM
22 May Nxx Roosevelt Field, NY
22 May J6643 Bristol Fighter ground unknown 31 Sqn
22 May CC-mil Quintero query date
22 May EC-mil Ceuta, Morocco query date
22 May LV-mil Avro No.19 Parana City
22 May USAAC Cape Henry, VA
22 May OK-mil coll Prague
23 May G- Beauvais pilot Eloff
23 May EC- 2 aircraft Rio de Oro, Africa
23 May Nxx Waynetown, IN
23 May PP- Natal, Brazil
23 May SP- Katowice
24 May NC418E Boeing 80B Bedford, OH posibly Model 95
24 May NR100W Lockheed Explorer Muroc Lake, CA
24 May G-CARX DH 60 Elbow River, Calgary
24 May VH- glider Eagle Farm, Q
24 May YR- Bucharest
26 May CF-AMD Stinson Vancouver, BC collision ?
26 May CF-ADY DH 60 Vancouver, BC collision ?
26 May CF-AAL DH 60 Vancouver, BC collision ?
26 May HK- Juntas de Apulo
26 May D-1648 Dornier Wal Coruna, Spain
26 May J8728 Avro 504N Barholm, Lincs
26 May USAAC Texon, TX
27 May CF- Ottawa, Ont query date
27 May Nxx Colorado Springs ?
27 May NC504K Lockheed Vega 5B Monterrey, Mexico
27 May S1267 Blackburn Ripon HMS Glorious
27 May PP-mil Rio de Janeiro
28 May G- Desoutter Croydon Pilot S.H. Thorne
28 May I-mil coll Rome
28 May 29-406 Sikorsky C-6 Bolling Field, DC
29 May G-EBLF AW Argosy Peruwelz, Belgium
29 May G-AAAH DH 60 Brisbane, Q, Austrlia
29 May Nxx Travel Air 4000 dbf Franklin, LA
29 May Nxx Aeromarine Klemm Roosevelt Fld, LI
29 May J7167 AW Siskin Cranwell
29 May J8706 Avro 504N Spittlegate collision
29 May J9468 AW Atlas Spittlegate collision
29 May J9586 Bulldog Sutton Bridge
29 May J9597 Wapiti unknown 601 Sqn
29 May J9599 Wapiti Hendon
30 May VH-ULK Handley Page W.9a Salamaua, NG 31st also reported, ex G-EBLE
30 May Nxx Tucson, AZ
30 May G-AUKR Avro Avian Tamworth, NSW
30 May 4.3137 Spad 66 Adrianople
30 May USAAC Tipton, OK
31 May L-BAHD DH 50 Hustopece
31 May NR9696 Stinson SM-4 Roosevelt Fld NY 30th also reported
31 May Nxx Scotts Bluff, NB
31 May Nxx Montague, NJ
31 May Nxx Swallow Teterboro, NJ
31 May VH-UKR Avro Avian Tamworth, NSW