August 1939 reported civil accidents

This accident list is the result of many years work, noting accidents reported in various sources. The accidents may be anything from a forced-landing to a total write off. I make no claims as to the accuracy of any item, but these notes may help if you wish to follow up any report. Any additions or corrections to this list would be welcome. You can email me at (or just click on this link)

A "?" in any column indicates that there is a definite doubt in my mind

Where no Registration is known, the nationality prefix is shown. Where a military aircraft is involved, serials are given where known, otherwise the nationality is followed by "-mil". A serial with no prefix indicates a RAF aircraft.

The Type is as reported, remember that many British newspapers described any light aircraft as a "Moth"

The Location may be some distance from the accident site, particularly in more remote parts of the world. The country is assumed to be that of the registration, unless otherwise shown. State or province abbreviations are those normally used. Country names are those that existed at the time, e.g., Karachi would be in India, not Pakistan. All storm damage is generally described as "gale"

The Notes column gives alternate dates where sources differ, occasionally aircraft or pilot's names and British previous identities if I feel that this may be useful

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Date Registration Type Place Notes
August VR-SAR Cierva C.19 unknown ex G-ABUC
August G-AENX Scion Senior Bathurst, Gambia
August I-(mil ?) off Brindisi
August NC16039 Ryan STA Santa Rosa, CA
August NX97Y Floyd-Bean Special Long Beach, CA query date
August VH-UKW Junkers F.13 Narakapor, NG
August XB-BAX Spartan Executive unknown query date
August USCG V163 Fairchild J2K unknown possibly 19th
1 Aug VH-UYJ DH 82 Mascot, NSW
2 Aug G- ? Weymouth
3 Aug G-AEYK Hillson Praga Barton
3 Aug D-ANJH Junkers 52/3m Rangoon
4 Aug G-ADHE DH 60 Blackpool
4 Aug D- Hospitales, Spain Luft Hansa
4 Aug Nxx Urbana, IL
5 Aug G- Tipsy S.2 Shorncliffe E.L. Mole
6 Aug VH-UJT Fokker Universal Alexishafen, NG
7 Aug F- Gt Saturnin
8 Aug G-ADTO Avro Cadet Leicester
8 Aug CF- Seattle, WA, USA TCA
9 Aug G-AFCZ S.23 C-class water Basra, Iraq
9 Aug LN-BAR Stinson SR.8 unknown
10 Aug Nxx Cape Cod, Mass query date
11 Aug G-AFGN Lockheed 14 Luxeuil, France not 11 Sept
11 Aug NX557N Ryan C-2 N Atlantic W-E
12 Aug F-AOUC Sikorsky S-38B Calabar, Niger ex G-ABYS
12 Aug VP-KCM Hawk Major unknown ex G-ADGE
12 Aug G-ADHM Short C-class water Wadi Halfa
12 Aug G- DH 60 Cambridge collision
12 Aug K5450 Hind Cambridge collision
13 Aug NC16933 Sikorsky S-43B Rio de Janeiro PP-
13 Aug K6623 Hind Rochester
14 Aug Nxx Van Nuys, CA
15 Aug G-ABFR Segrave unknown query date
15 Aug G-AESY Lockheed 10A Storstrom, Denmark
15 Aug Nxx Hartford, Conn
17 Aug G-ADTY ? Avro Cadet Desford
18 Aug G-ABLH ? Borough Green, Kent E.E. Raggett
19 Aug Nxx Bay Shore, NY
19 Aug Nxx Kalamazoo, MI
20 Aug Nxx Cass Lake, MN
21 Aug G-AAAL DH 60 Sandown IoW
22 Aug Nxx Ryan Rocky Mount, NC
24 Aug SE-ADZ DH 60 Visborgs
24 Aug ZS- Natal Kenyan reg'n ?
25 Aug LN-EAT Taylor J-2 Cub unknown
26 Aug G-AFVU Taylorcraft Plus C Romford
26 Aug Nxx St Regis Lake, NY query date
26 Aug VT-AEL DH 84 Lahore possibly 28th
27 Aug NX288Y ? Folkerts SK-4 Cleveland, OH
27 Aug Nxx Cleveland, OH
27 Aug SE-AGT Bucker Bu 131 near Vangso
28 Aug G-AFKL Hawk Major unknown query date
29 Aug Nxx Corydon, IN
30 Aug G-ADVR M.2 Hawk Bekesbourne
30 Aug G-AENK ? DH 82 Filton ?
30 Aug NC293Y Beech 17 Wichita, KS
30 Aug D-AFOP Junkers 52/3m Hannover
30 Aug LV- Taylor Cub San Rafael
31 Aug D- Hanover