Imp® Multi-purpose Metal Detector


Find metal before your saw does

Designed for the timber industry

Even small amounts of metal can devastate cutting equipment and planes. The Imp finds metal with pinpoint precision in reclaimed timber and softwood sawlogs before going into the sawmill, saving mill down time, saw doctoring costs and production delays. Iron staining on the sawn face can be checked for metal before the next cut, even when the log is on the carriage.

Fast and accurate to use

Pinpoints the exact location of metal with a clear audio signal and analogue meter.

Easy to use

One simple control knob. No training required.

Stable signal

Unaffected by moisture and temperature changes.

Lightweight and strong

Built to withstand the tough demands of the timber industry.


Interchangeable heads for multiple applications -- from sawmills and timber reclamation to veterinary uses.

Field proven

Protovale Imps have been performing reliably and consistently for twenty years in sawmills throughout the world.
"We use the Imp all day, every day to check for nails and other metal in reclaimed materials before machining.

This is a tough environment and the Imp gets knocked about a lot. We've tried the others, but they're just not up to the job.

Before we had the Imp, we totally destroyed a £700 saw blade on its second piece of wood. The Imp saves us money and helps minimise downtime.
It's the perfect instrument for the job."

Peter Keene,
The Natural Wood Floor Company

[Imp for reclaimed timber]

The Protovale Advantage

All Protovale instruments are designed by the world's leading experts in the field of pulse induction technology. They use a unique system which is unaffected by moisture or temperature, making Protovale instruments remarkably stable in all site conditions.

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  • High-impact ABS control unit in tough leather case for years of use
  • Search coils encapsulated in epoxy resin for unmatched ruggedness
  • High-grade TNC plug and socket for connecting search head and electronics
  • Single control knob for on/off and sensitivity/backoff control
  • Built-in loudspeaker for clear audio signal; standard 3.5mm stereo jack socket for headphones if required
  • Analogue meter for signal strength and battery state
  • Easily accessible battery compartment
  • Operates from just 4 AA-size batteries:
    Leak-proof cells must be used, and Manganese-Alkaline (Mn1500) are strongly recommended; Mn batteries give 30 hours of intermittent operation

The Imp Metal Detector includes:

  • Imp 'A' control unit
  • Sturdy leather control unit case with shoulder strap
  • Choice of search coil(s) depending on application

Approximate detection ranges for timber applications:

1" nail      90mm (3½") using 4" coil
            140mm (5½") using 8" coil

5" nail     130mm (5")  using 4" coil
            200mm (8")  using 8" coil

1½" staple  130mm (5")  using 4" coil
            200mm (8")  using 8" coil
The controlled field of the 6S coil enables it to be used in close proximity to metal: eg sawbeds etc. Please contact us for further information

Approximate detection ranges for veterinary applications:

1" piece of barbed wire
             75mm (3")  using 6" coil

2" piece of barbed wire
            140mm (5½") using 6" coil


Control unit     172x 90x60mm    480g
in leather case  183x110x78mm    850g

4" search coil   108mm face diam 430g
8" search coil   217mm face diam 660g
6S search coil   145mm face diam 550g
6" search coil   145mm face diam 720g
[Imp variants]

Full support

Protovale offers its users support by
telephone, +44 (0) 1865 82127,
fax +44 (0) 1865 820573
and email support@protovale.co.uk.

24-hour support on the web

Protovale's web site also provides updated product summaries, simple technical support and abstracts of technical papers on key issues relating to our instruments and latest news flashes.
Visit us on www.protovale.co.uk.

Full one year parts and labour warranty

Also available: the Totalscan TS8 for hardwood and large softwood

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