Newsreader for EPOC32

Since the apparently official dropping of the development of this software, I feel justified in ceasing to comply with Russ Spooner's request not to distribute this alpha version.

Perhaps we can form a self-help group on the best way to use this software!
Two tips from me for starters: use Macro5 to automate moving from one message to the next (and to delete each message after it is read), otherwise you'll spend hours just trying to delete the old messages - however, this will still leave the header intact, (which will require deleting later, unfortunately). Secondly, don't try to download your newsserver's Active file if it's anything like the size of Pipex's. This contains around 30,000 newsgroups and literally takes the newsreader hours to process (if it doesn't crash). I find the best thing to do is to add groups manually, having found the groups I want from my desktop machine.

Download the EPOC32 Newsreader

And here's the IRC application as well, though I've never used it myself.

Download IRC for EPOC32

Please note carefully the following:
Both these applications are © Russ Spooner.
You must not try to register either of them through Palmscape.
The applications are not supported in any way by Palmscape.

Uploaded 22.20 GMT 22/11/98