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Utility Software for Desktop Publishing - NEW !InkUse

Simulation Software for Education, Research and Industry

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RISCOS 4/Select Compatibility

Last Update 08/03/2002

Mijas Software offers utilities to help
with all kinds of Desk Top Publishing
Magazines - Projects - Software Manuals

Reports - Minutes - Books

For Use with your Desk Top Publishing Package

LjDuplex - For Automatic Double-Sided Printing

BatchPrnt - For Multiple Copies in Full Background

!!NEW!! - Inkuse - Estimating the ink useage on a new job

!!NEW!! -DrawToRTF - For exchanging Formatted text - !!Beta Test!!

Between DTP pages on Acorn, PC and other platforms

Using !Riscript on RISCOS to create !Drawfiles from

Postscript or PDF Files from any package or system

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Turning paper over by hand Banished Forever!
[LjDuplex Professional]

Double-Sided Printing Made Easy - NEW - 25 + VAT

For Use with your Desk Top Publishing Package
And any Duplex Printer with HP PCL capability

"Important - New Version 3.5"

This is needed for the latest Acorn Drivers - return your disk for a FREE upgrade

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Print Multiple Copies in Full Background From a single print file


For use with any serial or parallel Printer - any driver or DTP
Invaluable for use with printers such as Inkjets and Bubble Jets which
have no built-in Multiple Copy Command - you save time by only printing
one copy to file. Your computer is then free for other work

Supports multiple concurrent files and interworks with LjDuplex

[*] BatchPrnt Demonstration Download Your Copy here [38Kb] (Shareware)

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Estimating the ink a job will use


Enables an estimate to be made of the quantity of ink needed for a printing job
from any program or DTP package which uses the standard printer drivers.
Requires a copy of David Pillings !Sprinter from his website.
The program shows the percentages of Cyan, Magneta, Yellow and Black
which will be used - and based on the printer manufacturers information,

which is usually expressed as pages which can be printed from a cartridge at 5% of colour,

the ink usage for a given job can be easily estimated

[*] Inkuse Download Your Copy here [22Kb] (Freeware)

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The Powerful Simulation Program
For all RISC OS Computers
With Full Graphical Interface

Logic Gate Simulation --- Logic Circuit Simulation

Analogue Simulation ---- Maths Function Simulation

Mixed Analogue and Digital Simulation

Control System Design and Simulation

Click here for screenshots of ArcSimp and further information
[*] Download ArcSimp Demonstration [371Kb] [*] Download Manual [Impression 371Kb]

Printed manual [5.00]. . . .Contact Mijas Software . . . . Full Copies of ArcSimp from 55 + VAT

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Interchange simple formatted text between DTP packages on any system


Create a Postscript or PDF file from any Software Package using standard drivers on RISCOS or your PC
and use !Riscript (or !pdf) to convert to one or more Drawfiles. Finally DrawToOvn can create :-
a) A Tidy Drawfile b) RTF and Tabbed Text files for any true text in the Drawfile

Limited Beta Test version only - see !Help file

[*] Beta Test Copy Download Your Copy here [44Kb] (Version 0.80)

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Upgrade Information

Click here for help in Downloading

[*] BatchPrnt version 2.0 upgrade

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Help in Downloading files

To download the software make sure that you are not running an archive program (see below) and then click on the `download here' message. Wait while the software transfers to your machine and then drag the archive to a suitable directory.

All the software on this page requires SparkFS or SparkPlug from David Pilling to unpack the Archives - if you don't have either you can download SparkPlug from his Web Site:-
David Pilling's Home Page

Systems with SparkFS

If you are using SparkFS to unpack your archives some Web Browsers may have problems with downloading when SparkFS is active. If this happens quit SparkFs with the option `FS too' or quit and `rmkill SparkFS' before starting the download.

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Contacting Mijas Software

Mijas Software, Winchester Rd, <>Micheldever, Winchester, Hants SO21 3DG,
Tel: Fax: UK 01962 774352


LjDuplex Professional 25 . . . BatchPrnt Shareware registration 10

ArcSimp Educational Version 55 + VAT . . . Professional Version 105 + VAT
Site Licences also available - approx. 3 times single-user price

Click Here to mail us. We can accept credit-card orders by post or telephone, please include expiry date. Official orders welcome.

Mijas Software are happy to answer users queries by email or post - we cannot always answer queries by telephone. Queries should include full details of the version of the software being used and, if possible an example file.

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RISCOS 4 Compatibility

We are very happy to confirm that all our latest versions of software run correctly on RISCOS 4/Select and also on StrongArm Processors. One very small change is needed in !LjDuplex Professional - this will be done FOC if you send us a copy of your `choicefile' from the !LjDuplex directory on disk or by e-mail. This strengthens our belief that we should follow RISCOS standards in both program design and user interfaces.

Today we produce software for the latest RISC OS Machines much of which is also used `In House' in the production of a local Parish and Community Magazine `The Dever'. We do not offer any software unless we ourselves have found it to be cost-effective. We are committed to the RISCOS range of machines because we believe that they are second-to-none in technological innovation point the way the industry will need to go in the 21st Century. The advent of the StrongArm Processors and now RISCOS 4 confirms our faith in RISCOS technology.

Mijas Software is run by John Evans, whose interests include the history of computing, the simulation of control systems, music, art and the local Parish Church.

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