By Annika Owen

Shrove Tuesday

When is it ? Shrove Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday, the 1st of Lent .

What is it ? Shrove Tuesday is the day when you eat all your left over fatty food in your house, before the time of fasting. Which is when the devil temped Jesus in to the desert .

Why is it ? Shrove Tuesday is there to get rid the fattening food and start the fasting time .

What happens ? Today we make pancakes out off eggs ,flour and put our own fillings in. They used to put all fatty foods in a mixtures and make huge pancakes in the village . There use to be a huge celebration all through the day but now we just have pancakes for tea .

Pancake recipe

4 oz butter
16fl oz cream
3 oz plain flour
1 tb spoon orange juice
1tb spoon caster sugar
half ts of grated nutmeg
8 egg yolks
6 egg whites


Easter is the day when christians remember the resurrection of Jesus.
Most christians celebrate
Easter on the Sunday following the the first full moon after the first day of spring in the northern half of the world.

We have eggs at Easter because because they tell us of the new life that returns to nature about this time.
People have been exchanging eggs at
Easter since the ancient times. The Egyptians and Persians dyed eggs and gave them to their friends.
The Persians also believed that the earth had hatched from a giant egg.


R is for Rushbearing,
U is for undivided attention,
S is for sharing joy,
H is for helping those around you,
B is for bundles of rushes,
E is for everlasting fun,
A is for Ambleside,
R is for running the races,
I is for irresistible food,
N is for neat and tidy children,
G is for going to church.

Annika Owen.

Annika created this page during her IT lessons. She researched the material in the school library and with help from the Rev. Robert Fisher. The theme for the page arose from the Lakes School link with schools in Sweden and Finland, a project which has received support from the Comenius project.
Annika learned to use a word processor and a painting program (to produce the background herself) in the course of creating this page.

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