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This page is to showcase some of the tessellations created by pupils using the program Hyperstudio. The work was started on 7th October 1999 and the first piece is by Martin Bailey, who is currently in year 8.

Tessellation by Martin Bailey Martin created the pattern by starting with a square, cutting a part out from one side and sticking it on to the other and then taking a piece from the bottom and sticking it on to the top. This gave him an initial shape which he then copied and coloured differently. The two shapes were then repeated and fitted together to form the pattern.
This is a first attempt and, including the initial instruction, took him about 40 minutes. We think this shows not only what a good application Hyperstudio is, but also what a bright young man Martin is too!
The instructions for making this and other types of tessellations with Hyperstudio were written by Suzanne Alejandre and published on the Internet originally in November 1995.

Where Martin has led it has not taken long for others to follow. These tessellations were all made the same way and all done in less than one hour. They are 'first attempts' and perhaps later the pupils will work on these further, but for the moment here is the gallery!
Tessellation by Amy RiddingTessellation by Michael Hewartson

Amy Ridding and Michael Hewartson
Tessellation by Alison WestTessellation by Christian Daley
Alison West and Christian Daley
Tessellation by Keir AshcroftTessellation by Melvin Thomson
Keir Ashcroft and Melvin Thomson
Tessellation by Martin Cartlidgetessellation by Nicola Perry
Martin Cartlidge and Nicola Perry
PWARETessellation by Katie Rumbles
Phillippa Ware and Katie Rumbles
Tessellation by Simon BirkettTessellation by Scott Fallowfield
Simon Birkett and Scott Fallowfield
Tessellation by Samantha Livesey
Samantha Livesey

House by Douglas Pickup This one is clearly not a tessellation but is a picture created by Douglas Pickup, actually when he was in year 7 last term. He took part of a digital photograph and repeated it using it as a 'brick' to make this picture of a house. Douglas was quite pleased with the result and asked if we could display it somewhere on the web site.

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