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One quarter, 0.25, 25%

These patterns all came from an idea about splitting a square in to quarters, or 4 equal parts. Of course, the parts do not need to be the same shape although they must all have the same area, that is to say they each take up the same space.
The work was started on squared paper. After some experimenting the pupils, all from year 8, wanted to try their ideas out on the computer and the patterns you see here are the result.
You may have your own ideas about how to split up the square. There are plenty of computer programs which will allow you to use a square or isometric grid and develop your ideas.

Annika by Annika Owen

Ather by Daniel Atherton

Bell by Danika Bell

Beth by Gemma Bethom

Boyd by Michael Boyd

Brack by Bracken Dawson

Dtayl by David Taylor

Hann by Louise Hann
Knox by Alexandra Knox. She calls this one "11 Quarters".

Mckeown by Nicole McKeown

Metcal by Jamie Metcalfe

Pock by Claire Pocklington

Saff by Saffron Elder

Thea by Thea Walton

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