One of the schools we are linked up to is Frostaskolan‘. This is a school in Sweden (Skåne). Sweden has a beautiful country-side, with waterfalls and millions of trees. Most people think this country is flat but there is actually lots of hills even in the South. Sweden‘s environment has most of the fabulous scenery from all over Scandinavia, except the Norwegian, fjords and snow-capped mountains of Lapland.

The capital city of Sweden is Stockholm. Skåne is a Swedish county. In Skåne you can find almost everything from sandy beaches and crowded cities to fishing villages and peaceful forests. Three sides of Sweden are sea and the other connecting with Norway and Finland.
If you are interested in history Sweden is probably the place for you. People have left traces on the land from the Stone Ages to the Viking Age and the early beginnings of Christianity. There are still around 300 small churches and Medieval churches which are still in use. Most of them looking like landmarks all painted white many of them 800 or 900 years old. One of the most interesting is St Olof‘s Church north of Simrishamm. The well-preserved sanctuary contains lots of priceless paintings and other relics, including a wooden image of St Olaf holding a silver axe in his right hand. There are even still some houses left standing.

Map Apart from the country-side, traditional town events take place. Every year in Sweden in the town Ysted the fire brigade test their equipment. All of the children are invited to take a shower, when the hoses are tested. The nightly trumpet still plays from the tower in St Mary‘s Church, Ysted. This is the sign signalling that all is well in the old town so the townspeople can sleep peacefully.Though the watchmen in the tower never sleep.

Sweden is one of the places in the world that has either the biggest the smallest, the strongest or the healthiest things. One of the biggest cakes in the world is made in Sweden. This meringue-like cake is not only delicious, but it‘s also enormous. A ”spettkaka• is made with literally hundreds of eggs and should be baked in an open oven. Skåne‘s strongest water is known as ”The spirit of Åhus• or otherwise strong vodka. Another record breaker is the Malmö Festival, which takes place in August every year. The festival banquet is actually served in the city streets, which are decorated like an enormous outdoor restaurant. Some tens of thousands of guests are invited to dinner, which has been recognised by ”The Guiness Book of Records• as the biggest smörgåsbord ever seen.

As you can see from just the few things I have mentioned, that Sweden is a very busy place all year around. Most of their crazy ideas are traditional and have been going on for many years. I hope I have told you of some interesting events which happen in Sweden.

True Facts

a map of Skane 1. The fertile peninsula of Bjäre with its fertile, flat landscape looks like a broad bridge leading out to the open sea in the west. But the coastline, especially at Hows Hallar, is wilder and more dramatic than any-where else. Billions of stones polished by the water over thousands of years together with high sculpture-like rock formations have a beauty of all their own, almost like a surrealistic painting.

2. Hallands Väderö, a tranquil small island just of the coast, is a nature reserve well known for it's flora, bird life and seal colony. boat tours operate during the summer from Turekov

3. Osby near the former border between Denmark and Sweden is a peaceful oasis near the deep silent forests of the north-east. Take a boat trip on the small lake Osbysjön and just listen to the silence and breathe in the healthy scent of the pine trees.

4. Kullaberg is a natural park with magnificent scenery. The \"mountain\" is at the end of the peninsula Kullahalvön, which looks out over the southern end of the Kattegatt. From the highest point, Håkull (187 metres above sea level), you have an impressive view both out to sea and inland.

5. Ivösjön is the largest lake in Skåne, surrounded by beech-woods and fruit trees, gracefull hills and fertile valleys. Right in the centre of the lake is a small island, where you can discover a beautiful medieval church.

6. Skäralid, a part of the ridge Söderåsen, is a beautiful nature reserve. It's particulary worth visiting in May or June, when the leafy woods are fresh and green. You can admire the fantastic scenery of the deep ravine from the Kopparhatten look-out.

7. South of Helsingborg near the village of Glumslöv is another beautiful viewpoint, overlooking the Sound. If you are travelling by car you can make a stop at the petrol station on the top of the hill and take a stroll.

8.Kjugekull near the Oppmannasjön lake is only a small \"mountain\" , but it's well worth making your way to the summit, from which there is a fantastic view over the surrounding country-side.

9. Bösarps
( The Brösarp Hills), a few kilometres north of Kivik, should be seen early in June, when thousands of cowslips paint the hills bright yellow. The beautifully hilly land-scape between Ravunda and Brösarpas well as Haväng near the sea have inspired dozens of painters and poets.

10. Vombsjön is a lake adjoining Övedskloster Castle and its large French-stule park, The area has a rich bird life, and the large herd of white fallow deer attracts thousands of visitors.

11. Häckeberga, located amid beach and oak woods near a small lake, may surprise some visitors. The dramatic deep ravines are quite a contrast with the more gentle scenery of the surrounding area.

12, In Torup, just a few kilometres east of Malmö, you will find one of the region's finest beach-woods, especially attractive in the spring. Close to the wood is Torup Castle founded in the 16th century.

13. Stenshuvud (literally, Stonehead) is a nature reserve with many different types of sceneries. It includes a long sandy beach, followed by a wooded high mountain with winding tracks and then a typical piece of moorland. If you are lucky you may hear a nightingale sing.

14, Snogeholm nature reserve is, apart from it's natural advantages and beauty, one of the best planned recreation areas in the province. The bird life and fauna around the lake. Sövdesjön is richly vuried. Long-legged cranes are often seen on the shores of the lake. In the woods you can see deer and other animals roaming freely.

15. Falsterbonäset is a favourite spot for bird-watchers. It is the traditional stopping place for millions of birds on their migration flights.

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