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A Wish For The Millennium

"I have a wish. It is based on the wish of most of the world.
My wish is to see the people of Kosovo, Chechnya and Northern Ireland, in fact all of the people who have experienced war in the world, being able to live peacefully, without fear.

I have a wish that the new millennium, a time of new beginnings, could be a time of change, worldwide.

I have a wish that the leaders of the world would be able to unite forever, never to fight again, never to have the need to fight.

I wish that the words of God become true.
The words that Jesus preached all over Galilee;
"Love your neighbour as you love yourself."

I have a wish, a single wish. A wish of serenity, of peace.
The wish that no-one need fight, no-one need suffer, no-one need experience the horror of war.
Wherever it may be, whenever it may be, whatever form it may take, whether it be a personal war of nerves, a war between friends, or a worldwide war, no-one deserves it.
No-one in the world."

Anne, Year 7 January 2000

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