William Hannah

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"c" indicates that the track is on cassette; "78" means I have a copy of the record itself.
WILLIAM HANNAH (accordion)
c August 1920
6699 Duke of Perth     cMM
WILLIAM HANNAH (accordion) acc. prob. Patrick Cadden (fiddle), unknown pno
E 445 Scottish Memories Waltz
Within a Mile o' Edinboro' Toon
E 446 Thistle Lancers Figure 1     cMM
E 451 Lothian Quadrilles Figure IV Parlophone E3148 78
E 452 Lothian Quadrilles Figure V Parlophone E3148 78
WILLIAM HANNAH (accordion) acc. prob. Patrick Cadden (fiddle), unknown pno
August 1926
E 786 Spanish Waltz Parlophone E3227 78
E 794 Inverness Gathering Parlophone E3227 78
WILLIAM HANNAH (accordion) acc. prob. Patrick Cadden (fiddle), unknown pno
c. Augus or September 1927
1452 Eightsome Reel - "Maid of Perth" Parlophone F3099 78
1456 Scotch Airs Waltz
Land O' the Leal; Comin' Thro the Rye; Rolling Home to Bonnie Scotland
Parlophone F3099 78
William Hannah (accordion), probably Patrick Cadden (fiddle), unknown trumpet, drums, piano
February 1937
E.8158 The Dashing White Sergeant Parlophone F.3270 78
E.8160 Scottish or Foursome Reel Parlophone F.3270 78
E.8162 Duke of Perth Parlophone F.3272 78
E.8163 Flowers o' Edinburgh Parlophone F.3272 78
WILLIAM HANNAH Accordion solo with pianoforte accompaniment
October 1940
E.10607 Boston Two-Step
(Luke Cavendish Everett)
Parlophone F.3339 78
E.10611 St Bernard's Waltz
Intro; Little Annie Rooney; Peggy O'Neill; Molly O'Morgan; Maggie Murphy's Home
Parlophone F.3339 78
WILLIAM HANNAH AND HIS BAND prob. Patrick Cadden (fiddle), unknown trumpet, piano, drums
October 1940
E.10622 Lady Mary Douglas Parlophone F.3340 78
E.10627 The Glasgow Highlanders Parlophone F.3340 78
CE 11498 Dalkeith's Strathspey
Dalkeith's Strathspey; Woodside Strathspey (Hannah); Whistle O'er the lave O't; Neil Aitken (H MacMillan); Wullie Wilson (H MacMillan)
Parlophone F.3382 78
CE 11499 Hamilton House
Hamilton House; Wee Hugh; The Ould Man (Wm Hannah)
Parlophone F.3382 78

Code Description
cMM cassette, Melodeon Maestros (Sleepytown Records SLPYHT008T, c1999)