Jim Cameron's Scottish Dance Band

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"c" indicates that the track is on cassette; "78" means I have a copy of the record itself.

JIM CAMERON'S SCOTTISH DANCE BAND. Jim Cameron (fiddle), unknown (clarinet), poss. May Cameron (accordion), poss George Scott-Wood (piano), unknown (drums)
Late December 1949
DR.14371 Broun's Reel
Intro; Caddam Wood; The Piper's Cave
Beltona BL.2491 78
DR.14372 La Russe
Intro; La Russe; Lord Rendal's Bride; Lady McKenzie of Coulle
Beltona BL.2491 78
DR14376 The Gay Gordons - No.2
Intro; Admiral Lewison Gower; Millbank Cottage
Beltona BL.2493-B 78
DR14379 Dundee Reel
Intro; Bonnie Dundee; Lady Dorothy Stewart
Beltona BL.2495-A 78
DR14382 Hamilton House
Intro; Hamilton House; Dumfries House; The Harmonica
Beltona BL.2495-B 78
DR14383 The Linton Ploughman
Intro; The Gobie O; I Lost My Love; Drummond Castle
Beltona BL.2493-A 78
JIM CAMERON'S SCOTTISH DANCE BAND. Jim Cameron (fiddle), poss. James Rattray (trumpet), poss William Black (bass) unknown accordion, piano, drums
prob. mid-late 1952
M.3158 The Birks of Invermay; The Fair Maid of Perth (Robertson); Back to Catterthern Beltona BL.2576 78
M.3172 Blue Bell Polka
Beltona BL.2576 78