Underneath the Flysheet

(Underneath the Arches)

Underneath the flysheet we'll dream the night away
Underneath the flysheet on stony ground we'll lay
Ev'ry night you'll find us, wrapped up nice and warm
Waiting till the birdsong comes cheeping
Heralding the dawn
We sleep out when it's raining, we sleep out when it's dry
Stars overhead so high
Rucksack for our pillow, we always want to stay
Underneath the flysheet, we'll dream the night away

Underwear (1)

(Over There)

Underwear, Underwear
How I itch in my woolen underwear
How I wish I'd gotten a pair of cotton
So I wouldn't itch everywhere
BVDs make me sneeze
When the breeze from the trees
Hits my knees
Coming over, I'm coming over
In my gosh darned, itchy, woolen underwear

Underwear (2)

(Over There)

Underwear, underwear, send a pair, send a pair, I can wear
For I left mine lying, on a line a drying
And now I need them they're not there
Underwear, underwear, get a pair, get a pair, anywhere
The bugle's blowing, I must be going
For I've got to get there if I have to go there bare


(Walking In The Air)

We're walking through the air,
I've lost my underwear,
I'm going to Mothercare
to buy another pair
to wear ...

Untitled (Ba Ba boom)

Break the boys up between the younger and older. The oldest boys sing the ba,ba,ba, boom with deep voices.

On a pad in a forest green
ba,ba,ba boom
Crazy Herman was surveying the scene
ba,ba,ba boom
Saw a farmer truck'n by, a rapping at his door
Like help, like help me please
ba,ba,ba boom
These's a farmer go'n to exterminate me
ba,ba,ba boom
Hey man don't scream and shout
Come in and we'll hang out

Up A Lazy River

Up a lazy river by the old mill run
That lazy, lazy river in the noonday sun
Linger in the shade of a kind, old tree
Throw away your troubles
Dream a dream with me
Up a lazy river where the robins' song
Awakes a bright new morning
We can loaf along
Blue skies up above, everyone's in love
Up a lazy river, how happy you can be
Up a lazy river, with me

Upward Trail

We're on the upward trail, we're on the upward trail
Singing, singing, everybody singing, as we go
We're on the upward trail, we're on the upward trail
Singing, singing, everybody singing, Scouting bound