PalmLink for Risc OS

This is a Risc OS utility to provide access to serial based PalmOS based PDAs such as those from Palm and Handspring. It is still being developed and as such this version is a Beta release. The user interface to the Palm is provided by a Risc OS filer type window so hopefully its use should be reasonably self explanitory.

Current Bugs

At present the following limitations are known and are being worked on:

Failed Connections

If the communication fails then the PalmLink application will hang. This will cause no damage to your Palm - you can safely ALT-Break (on a RISC PC) to break out of the infinite loop. Similar utilities exist for earlier machines.

Debug and scripting

These options are currently deactivated

Additional Storage

PalmLink currently only displays programs/files in the main memory of the Palm.


PalmLink will convert text files dragged to the PalmLink window to DOC files which can be used with the many DOC viewers and editors available for the Palm.

If you are experiencing difficulty with communicating with the Palm the use the slower speeds available from the options window and turn off multitasking.

PalmLink currently uses file types &123 and &124 for the Palm PDB and PRC filetypes.

DownLoad PalmLink

Please note that PalmLink is CareWare