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[Welcome to my homepage :-)]

Who am I?

Bob Williams, 43yrs old from Pensby, Wirral, UK.

What are my interests?


I enjoy motor cycling with my Laverda SFC1000 - some may call it a dinosaur these days but it's still one very fast dinosaur ;-)

[My SFC1000] Laura (aged 8) with my SFC1000. If you know her mention this, Laura hates this photo which is 9yrs old ;-(

Since 1996 the Isle of Man and the TT Festival has been my annual trip, and long may it continue :-)
Hence the addition of Isle of Man / TT / Manx GP pages to my Italia Connections web site.

Mountain Bike

Riding purely for pleasure in a slow paced way. I have a Kona Explosif XT which is a really light steel framed bike. I've raced a few times (sort of - always finished, but never last ;-) once upon a time before the knee gave up.


A peaceful way of getting away from things with my family. We tend to end up on Anglesey these days, a little place called Silver Bay which is between to RAF Valley and Holyhead.


Going back to the late 70's & 80's I used to play Rugby Union as a 2nd row forward. But I've now settled to life as a Dad watching Junior Rugby at Caldy RUFC, where my 14yr old son plays for their Under 14 Junior's. I may get involved in the coaching side again, but should I start playing again..... it's a bug, hard to give up after all these years - a bit like motorcycling ;-)
The above answer is that since late 1999 - YES! OK many have told me how daft the idea is/was but it still feels really good after all these years to play - and the pack is still as hard as ever it was. Don't play so often, but still enjoy - it just takes longer to recover after games ;-)

Boats and Fishing

Here's bit of a laugh. Steve and I have been having a go at sea fishing during the last couple of Summers. So in for a penny.... as such. during Summer 2001 I tried it from a boat, the bug bit and now I've now bought a boat! It's a Seahog Hunter with a 50hp Evinrude outboard. Should be a good little boat. The learning curve is steep though. I've now got to learn all about boating and I still know bugger all about fishing. Definitely feel I'm in deep water ;-o


Searching my family tree is a more passive interest, but very interesting and rewarding.
Key surnames including:

Other Interests

Acorn's RiscOS is a pleasure to use, especially coupled with my StrongARM RiscPC. I now spend a lot of my time doodling on the computer, getting better though :-)
A side interest of this is my activities as Treasurer of LEG, the Liverpool (Acorn) Enthusiasts Group.

My kit:

Here are some of my links.....

Laverda Page:

[Laverda logo] Italia Connection's Laverda Page with links.

Acorn Links:

[Acorn logo]Liverpool Acorn User Group (LAUG) home page.

How to contact me

You can email me at (or just click on this link:-)

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